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The Pros and Cons of Being a Lash Artist

The pros and cons of being a lash artist

I've mentioned before on this blog that I also work as a lash artist and I've been wanting to create some content around this for a while so I thought I'd start with the basics and give you some pros and cons for anyone who's considering training to become a lash artist.

Let's get the bad stuff out the way with first!


You can work from home - This is going in the pros and cons list, the reason it can be seen as a con is that you are inviting strangers into your home which can be quite intimidating it also means your house needs to be clean and tidy all the time or at least any time you have clients and you'll also need a dedicated space to work from.

It can be difficult to have a good work/life balance - If you work for yourself and especially from your own home it can be difficult to switch off from work mode and actually take a time out. You'll find you never want to turn away potential clients and because you can set your own hours you can end up working into the night with almost no breaks.

No set wage - This is a big one, when working for yourself as a lash artist you'll have no way of guaranteeing your wage each month, you will have quiet periods when you aren't making as much money, especially when you're first starting out so it's important to have some savings aside for a rainy day.

You'll need to deal with difficult clients - When you work for yourself you're the one that will need to deal with complaints, people showing up late or not at all and occasionally people that are just plain rude. This can be difficult and sometime it will knock your confidence but it's all part of being a business owner and there are policies you can put in place to minimise any issues.

Takes a toll on the body - You'll find yourself getting a sore back, neck and hands if you don't take care of your body, I recommend taking up some kind of yoga or stretching to prevent injuries as lashing can be physically exhausting which many people probably wouldn't think of.

Now let's get positive!


Be your own boss - Most of us have worked for someone awful in our lifetime and dreamed of being our own boss well becoming a lash artist can give you that freedom you always dreamed of. You are the boss and you can take your business in whatever direction you choose, maybe you're content being self-employed and working or alone or maybe you want to own several salons and have a team of lash artists working under you, the possibilities are endless.

Make your own hours - As the boss, you can decide when you want to work and how often, I mentioned in the cons that it can be difficult to have a good work/life balance so you need to be disciplined, when it's your day off don't back down and book in that one girl looking for a last-minute appointment. In the beginning, it's a little different as you want to get as many clients through your door as possible but as you grow you need to set boundaries and have a set working schedule.

Set your own prices - Yes you won't have a set income but you can set your own prices and make as much money as you like, it's all about how much you value yourself and how much work you put in to build your business.

Can work from home - As I've already mentioned this made it into both the pros and cons list, the benefits are you'll have no travelling and no rent to pay (other than the rent/mortgage you already pay), it can be very expensive to rent space in a salon so working from home can be a great option it really just depends on your lifestyle and if you are renting your home you'll need to make sure you get permission from your landlord to run a business from the property.

Startup costs are low - In terms of starting your own business becoming a lash artist is fairly inexpensive, after your training the essentials that you need to pick up like a massage table can be pretty cheap depending on where you buy from and as the business grows you can upgrade everything.

My final pro is that you get to be creative and make people feel good about themselves, it's amazing being able to give someone that extra bit of confidence and see them walk out of your doors that little bit happier!

I've created an ebook all about how to become a successful lash artist, it's got advice on how to get clients, social media and some practical advice on mapping, eye styling and layering, click here if you want to check it out or get some more information! Note: this ebook does not teach you how to apply eyelash extensions, it's aimed at new lash artists looking to learn more!

PMD Personal Microderm Review

PMD Personal Microderm

Okay, so I've talked quite a bit about skincare products recently and today we've got more, I've always loved skincare but recently it's been kicked up a gear maybe it's something to do with the horrifying fact that I turn 30 next year, who knows! Either way, I've been especially interested in skincare devices and I've picked up a few bits that I've still got to review but today we are going to be talking about something that was very kindly gifted to me by PMD, the Personal Microderm.

PMD Personal Microderm

The PMD Personal Microderm (classic) costs £145 and is described as a revolutionary at-home device providing the same brilliant results as professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatments. It combines Patented Spinning Disc technology with Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to leave skin looking fresh and radiant. That all sounds amazing right, well I've been putting it to the test for the last few weeks and I'm ready to give you my thoughts.

PMD Personal Microderm

The packaging is really nice, the box gives lots of really clear easy to read instructions and the device itself comes in 7 different colours, I chose Blush, a beautiful soft pink shade. You'll receive your device, power adapter, reusable filter, 2 caps (one for the face and one for the body) and 6 discs plus a training disc. It's really easy to set us you just plug it in, make sure your filter is in place with your chosen disc and cap and away you go. You receive 6 discs, 2 different sizes in 3 different colours, the smaller sizes are for use on the face and the larger sizes can be used on the body. The different colours of the discs indicate how intense the results will be, you should start with the training disc which is white to get used to using the device and see how it feels, then you can upgrade to the grey discs which are for sensitive skin, slowly work through the colours as the weeks go by and your skin adjusts and becomes more tolerant, if you go too intense too quickly you may irritate the skin.

PMD Personal Microderm

To use the Personal Microderm you want to make sure you have clean, dry skin, switch the device on and whilst gently pulling the skin, glide the device over the face and work up the face in sections. You shouldn't stop in one area or move slowly these should be quick sweeping motions to get the best results and avoid and sensitivity or irritation. When finished you can use a soothing toner and moisturiser and wash the cap and filter.

PMD Personal Microderm

Okay, so I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and so far I'm loving it, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and I feel like it's helping with my acne scarring although I'll need to continue using it for a bit longer to be sure. I recommend you don't use this any more than once a week and be careful about which disc you choose if you have sensitive skin as it can be quite intense. It can feel a little strange the first couple of times you use it but it's not painful and once you get the hang of it, it's very quick and easy and gives great results. This could be considered fairly expensive although I find that most skincare devices don't come cheap but I think it's worth the investment as you would no longer need to spend money on exfoliating skincare products but do keep in mind you'll need to replace each disc after about a month if using once a week. These cost about £19 and you'll receive a new filter, 4 smaller discs and 2 larger discs in your chosen colour which I think is very reasonable. 

So, overall, I'm loving my Personal Microderm and I'm excited to see what other long term benefits I see as the weeks go on, this is definitely up there as one of my favourite skincare devices that I currently own!

Lydia Hair Growth Supplement Review

Lydia Hair Growth Supplement

A few weeks ago someone from Lydia Hair Supplement got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out their liquid supplement, I jumped at the chance because I've suffered from some hair loss on and off for the last year or two and I'm always looking for ways to improve the health of my hair.

This supplement costs £23.99 and is a one month supply, it claims to have 17 key hair-loving vitamins and minerals and aids faster-growing and fuller hair with less shedding. It's also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made in the UK, yaay!

You take this supplement once a day by mixing 10ml in with some water, juice or a smoothie and it is recommended you have it with some food. I will say it has an almost luminous yellow colour and slight taste that I don't love but it's nothing offensive and I don't think you would notice it at all if you mixed it in with some juice.

Lydia Hair Growth Supplement

After finishing the one month course I've had a few compliments about how shiny my hair looks which is amazing because nobody ever comments on the shine from my hair and I'm also impressed with how much my hair has grown.

 I did forget to take the supplement quite a few times which was my bad and could possibly have reduced the efficiency of the product. My recommendation would be to have the bottle sitting somewhere that you'll see it every day and to try and take it as a part of your routine, for example, if you wake up every morning and drink a glass of water this would be the perfect time to add in your supplement so you don't forget it later on in the day.

I find it really hard to say if I have seen real results or if I'm just imagining things but my hair has been looking and feeling better and I haven't had any issues with my hair shedding whilst taking this supplement so I do think the product has worked. I do believe that you are meant to take this for three months to see the full results so overall I'm very happy with the results I have seen in the last month and would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve the quality of their hair or who have struggled with hair loss like myself.
Lydia Hair Growth Supplement Before and After
(Left - Before, Right - After_

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