Liz Earle Product Review

Liz Earle Products

Today I'm giving you a bit of a brand review, I'm going to talk to you about all the products I have tried from Liz Earle and tell you my thoughts on each one and the brand as a whole. I first discovered Liz Earle a good few years ago when I heard a lot of hype from YouTube and magazines about the Hot Cloth Cleanser, after seeing how many beauty awards these products had won I decided I had to give it a try and since then I have included other products each year on my Christmas wishlist and I have now tried a range of the products and can give a fair and honest review.

1) Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - £16 (100ml pump starter kit)
Ingredients and Claims
Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. (In each description I have included some ingredients for full list see the website)
Instantly removes daily grime and make-up to leave skin beautifully smooth and exceptionally clean.
This is a really lovely cleanser that removes all make-up effectively and gently exfoliates to reveal radiant fresh skin daily. I tried this product a few years ago and have repurchased it many times since. I have tried other make-up removers and cleansers during this time but I always go back to this one........I actually think this has earned holy grail status in my skincare regime. All of the Liz Earle products I have used have a distinct scent, many of the products have a different fragrance to them but you can still identify that they are from the Liz Earle brand, which I really enjoy.....they all have a floral, herbal, fresh scent to them (I am terrible at giving scent descriptions). Anyway back to the cleanser, I apply a generous amount of the cream which feels very thick and luxurious on top of my make-up and massage in, you quickly see the make-up dissolving. Then I take a muslin cloth that I have run under hot water and work it over my skin in small circular motions to exfoliate and remove make-up, afterwards I rinse my face with cool water. I'm left with soft clean skin free of make-up...ready for my next skincare steps.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

2) Instant Boost Skin Tonic £15 (200ml bottle)
Ingredients and Claims
Aloe Vera, Calendula, Cucumber, Rose-Scented Geranium and Natural Source Vitamin E.
Revitalises, soothes and tones for radiant-looking skin.
This is one of those products that isn't really a necessity, it's more of a luxury but I love it nonetheless. This really does soothe the skin and give a pick-me-up, it also removes any traces of make-up that have been missed during cleansing. I'm currently mid-way through my second bottle of the Skin Tonic, I use this on days where I take the time to really look after my skin (as opposed to those days I quickly remove my make-up and throw on some moisturiser) and I would repurchase this product again.

3) Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion £15 (150ml bottle)
Ingredients and Claims
Naturally active ingredients include the herb Eyebright, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Cornflower to cool soothe and revitalise tired eyes.
This is a lot like the skin tonic but targeted specifically for the eyes. It feels very cooling and refreshing on the eyes which can be increased by keeping the bottle in the fridge. I have bad dark circles under my eyes so I like having something on hand to help and this really gives my skin a boost whilst still being delicate on my eye area.

4) Rosemary and Rock Rose Handcare Duo (no longer available click here for alternative)
Ingredients and Claims
Rosemary and Rock Rose pure essential oils
Rich, yet non-greasy, this hand treatment is an exquisite botanical blend of soothing echinacea and toning hops, plus natural source antioxidant vitamin E.
I have only recently started using the hand cream in this duo but it's great, it has the perfect balance of being moisturising and softening without being greasy or taking forever to absorb into the skin. It also has a really lovely scent which encourages me to use it because otherwise, I tend to ignore hand cream (because I'm lazy and the fear of being greasy and unable to do things or touch anything). Now the hand wash is a similar story, it smells really good and it keeps your hands nice and soft but I don't know if these are products I would rush out to go buy again, I am more likely to pick up something inexpensive or on offer when I spot it in a shop. I do think this would make a nice gift and would add a bit of luxury to a guest bathroom if you're ever lucky enough to have one but for every day it's not a necessity for myself.

Liz Earle Hand Wash and Hand Cream

So my overall opinion is that I've never had a 'bad' product from Liz Earle, the prices I think are fair for the quality you receive and I'll definitely continue to repurchase the cleanse and polish and skin tonic. I will also continue to try out different products from the brand and hopefully find some new loves! 

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