Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil Review

Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil

Today we are going to take a look at an oil I've been trying from Manuka Doctor. Being 25 I am starting to think more about what skincare products I'm using and it's becoming more important that I pick products that will help with the ageing process........or rather slowing it down.  Manuka Doctor has a range of oils and the replenishing one seemed to be promoted as one to help with ageing (well from the three I could find in Holland and Barrett anyway)
So I've broken my review down into categories starting with the claims, packaging then my thoughts.

  • Skin looks more luminous, complexion more younger looking and fine lines refined
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin firmness in just four weeks

So when I checked out the ingredients/description on the Manuka Doctor website they claim it contains their 'hero' ingredient Manuka oil so I decided to research why it's so beneficial....heres what I found

  • Leptospermum Scoparium is the scientific name for Manuka oil
  • Its essential oil is derived from the leaves of Manuka through steam distillation
  • Anti-dandruff, antidote for insect bites, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory substance
  • Thirty times stronger than tea tree

The bottle comes in a cardboard box, it's pretty and feels high quality. The bottle is glass and has a nice weight to it again feeling high quality, it comes with a dropper that perfectly distributes the right amount of oil with no leaking of oil (which is a problem I have had with another oil dropper bottle) the only thing I will say is usually oils come in a dark coloured glass bottle to protect what's inside although I think this would ruin the look you may want to consider keeping it in its box or away from sunlight.

Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil, Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream, Burt's Bees Lip balm
My thoughts
Okay firstly I think the smell might be something people either love or hate, when I first started using this oil I wasn't keen at all but over time I've grown to quite like the scent. The oil itself is lovely, it's not greasy or heavy feeling, it sinks in and makes my skin feel smooth and luminous. I have suffered with adult acne for years and this oil did not break me out, I actually think it probably helped with the healing of scars etc. When I use this product my skin looks nourished and bright, it's not overly expensive but it's also not cheap (£20.99) so I would definitely repurchase but I would look out for a deal which you can often find on the Manuka Doctor or Holland and Barrett websites. The bottle is only 25ml but it lasted me a long time as you only need a few drops (I probably use more than needed) I chose to alternate this with a regular moisturiser to make the bottle last even longer. The only thing I couldn't comment on is if this helps with the ageing process as I am 'only' 25 so don't have many wrinkles....yet, but prevention is better than cure so I love that it has those properties that are going to smooth out lines and keep you youthful. So my final thoughts are that this is a really good oil that will leave your skin looking good and feeling moisturised without making you oily, I give my approval and would recommend it to a friend.

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