My Favourite Make-up Brushes

Zoeva make up brushes and eye shadow palettes

As a make-up artist, I know the importance of good tools so today I'm talking about some of my favourite make-up brushes. Whether it's for a professional kit or personal use good brushes can have a big impact on your make-up application. I will say that brushes aren't a necessity, you can do most of your make-up with just your hands if you prefer.....but personally I like to use brushes! 
I am going to talk about some of my individual favourite brushes in this post but first I am going to discuss my recommendation for a full set. If you're on the hunt for a set of good quality brushes then I suggest the Zoeva Complete Brush Set for £95. This set comes with 15 high-quality brushes and a cute black clutch bag, these brushes are super soft and really good quality, I've had mines for over a year and they still look great, they wash well and don't lose bristles.

Make up brushes

Individual Brushes

228 - Luxe Crease
Really fluffy and great for blending put shadows

227 - Luxe Soft Definer
Great crease brush for applying and blending colour

231 - Luxe Petit Crease
Nice small brush that's great for more detailed work on the crease or blending colour on the lower lashline

142 - Concealer Buffer 
I love this brush, it's so handy for concealer, blending foundation in smaller/harder to reach areas of the face and applying a base/primer to the eye area

317 - Wing Liner
I use this brush for filling in my eyebrows, it allows you to be really precise, I prefer a fine pointed brush for my liner 

MAC - 217
Very similar to the Zoeva 227

MAC - 242
Flat brush that's perfect for packing colour on to the lid 

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Really lovely brush that could be used for multiple purposes such as setting the undereyes or applying blush and obviously contouring as the name suggests

This applies foundation smoothly and could be used for applying other cream products

Okay so this isn't a brush but I love it! This is my favourite way to apply foundation and other cream products at the moment

Make up brushes

What are your favourite brushes?


  1. Real techniques is by far one of the best for me🙌✨thanks for the post btw Emma💖💖

    1. Yeah I think for the price you can't ask for better quality than the Real Techniques!