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Utan and Tone Turbo Tan

Today I'm going to be sharing some of the tanning products I'm currently using and loving. Now I'm no tanning expert by any means but as we are entering summer and I'm generally milk bottle white with zero motivation to lay out in the sun all day (not that we get much sun in Scotland) I have decided to jump on the fake tan bandwagon. 

Before we jump into the heavy duty fake tans I do have a few favourites that are a little more subtle and easy to use for those of you who don't like to use a fake tan/are new to the process/ want a more subtle 'glow'.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tan

This is a product I have used for years and enjoyed, it's easy to use, inexpensive, moisturises the skin and builds to a nice even colour. My number one tip if you want to build the colour a little faster is to buy the darker shade, I have very fair skin and I buy the medium-deep shade this means you can use it maybe 2 or 3 times during the week and you will build colour much quicker and have a light golden tan.
The first downside to this product (which doesn't matter to us ghosties) is if you have a deeper skin tone you may not notice any results as the developed colour does not go beyond a medium tone. Secondly, the product itself doesn't smell too offensive but I don't like how it leaves my skin smelling.

Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser

So this is another gradual build tan specifically designed for use on your face, I love the glow this product gives, it looks natural and sunkissed and it has SPF 15 so you do get some light sun protection if you want to wear this with nothing else on the skin.

3. Utan and Tone 40 Minute Turbo Lotion Okay so this is the product for all those who want that 'just back from holiday' look. I recently purchased this product and I'm in love, the colour is deep (but not too dark even for me) and it applies evenly. Although this product is the most high maintenance i would recommend it to anyone looking for a true deep tan that can be achieved quickly. You need to make sure your skin is well exfoliated before applying and use a good quality mitt but the thing I love is you can control the colour, if you're looking for a light bronze you can leave the colour on for 40 mins (upping the time the darker you want to go) and it continues to develop for a further 24 hours after washing off.

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