July Beauty Empties

Selection of Empty Beauty Products

Today I'm doing my first ever empties post, showing you everything I've used up over the last few months and giving a mini review. I personally love these kinds of videos/posts probably because I'm a bit nosey and like seeing what other people are using. I have six products to talk about which consists mainly of skincare and a little hair care.

This cleansing oil is great at removing make-up quickly and gently. I like to use this as my first cleanse if I'm following a proper skincare routine followed by a cream cleanser and if I'm feeling really lazy I will just use this then apply moisturiser. This oil rinses away easily and leaves the skin feeling soft without any greasiness. The bottle feels quite small but a little goes a long way, this bottle has lasted me a really long time and the bonus is it's really inexpensive. I will definitely repurchase this item!

Simple Cleansing Oil

I have a full review of this oil in another post which I will link here. This is a great oil that hydrates brightens and replenishes (as the name would suggest) the skin. It doesn't feel too heavy and I really enjoyed using it. I do want to try out other facial oils but I would recommend this one and would probably repurchase unless I find something I love much more.

I received this cream in the Marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar so it is a sample size. I don't think I can give a true review on the wrinkle correction element as I'm 25 and don't have a huge amount of wrinkles and as I said this was a sample. The cream was thick and felt lovely on the skin, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and I enjoyed using it. The full-size pot is quite expensive so I won't be rushing out to repurchase it but I did like it and I would consider a repurchase if I had a larger income and able to justify the price.....and maybe if I was a little older with more wrinkle concerns.

Selection of Empty Beauty Products

This was a lovely night cream that left you smooth and hydrated the next morning. It had such a nice scent but I worry about how good it is for the skin if it's heavily fragranced. Again I wouldn't not repurchase this item but I would rather try out new/different products.

Patisserie De Bain Shower Gel (link to a different scent)
There's not a lot to say about shower gel but this was a nice one. It did what any shower gel should do and had a delicious vanilla scent. It probably could have been more moisturising but I'm not mad at it. It was nice, I wouldn't rush out to repurchase and I wouldn't not repurchase.

Selection of Empty Beauty Products

I was really excited to try this as I'd heard good things, I only had a sample size so haven't formed a strong definitive opinion. I will say this did seem to help with the condition of my hair (I have quite fine hair that has been bleached). I want to buy the full sized bottle to test this out more and try leaving it on overnight which I've heard is the best way to get results from this product.

Philip Kingsley Elastisizer

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