Mini Haul (Holland and Barrett, Primark)


Today has been one of those days, I woke up feeling a bit down and needing some time to myself so what's better than a mini shopping trip to cheer yourself up! I thought rather than totally skipping posting today I'd give you a mini haul post and let you know what I picked up. So the first shop I stopped into was Primark, I was hoping to pick up some of their adorable new homeware bits but my local Primark is quite small and they don't really have much to offer (pouting sad face). Sooo the first thing I picked up was a new pair of pj's, they technically aren't a matching set but the top and bottoms are both grey so I think it works (I've already got them on and they are super comfy). Next I headed over to the jewellery section and picked up some silver hoop earrings (I blame Love Island!) and a new choker that looks like two separate pieces and gives you that effortlessly layered look, I don't know how much I will wear the hoops but its good to try something new sometimes and I know I'll wear the choker, it's so cute 😍. Then just before I headed to the counter, I spotted some new sheet masks, I picked up the Holler and Glow Hangover SOS deep moisture mask that contains witch hazel, lemon fruit extract and strawberry fruit extract. These masks come with cute designs printed on them, I don't think it's going to make me look any cuter when I wear it but I will report back with results when I give it a try. 

 Face Mask Pyjamas

(pj bottoms £8, pj top £2.50, earrings £1, choker £1.50, face mask £3)

Next I stopped into Wilko and picked up some new shower gels, I love Original Source so I bought the mint and tea tree scent which feels cooling on the skin and really refreshing and I got the cherry and almond milk which I've never tried before but it has a more luxurious and relaxing scent so I'm excited to use both of these.

Original Source Shower Gels

(shower gels £1 each)

Finally, I stopped into Holland and Barrett, I was on the lookout for anything that would help in my quest to avoid dairy (if you want to know why I'm doing this click here). I found some moo free organic milk chocolate alternative which contains no dairy, wheat or soya. I've given it a try and although it's not as creamy as true milk chocolate it does taste good and I'm glad to have something on hand to cure those pesky chocolate cravings. I also picked up two of the Nakd cocoa crunch bars which also contain no gluten, wheat or dairy, this is something I wasn't convinced I would like as I am quite a fussy eater but they are surprisingly tasty and I will try some more of these in future and last but not least I bought some almond butter which I am yet to try but if anyone has some ideas/recipes that I could use with this let me know!

Selection of Holland and Barret Foods

(nakd cocoa bars 49p each, chocolate alternative £2.75, almond butter £3.99)

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