Weekend Away - Sea View Snugs

Beach Scene

This is my first travel post, granted I haven't got very far......still in Scotland (not that that's a bad thing, there are lot's of places I want to visit in Scotland). Last weekend my other half and I travelled to Dumfries and Galloway to stay in some adorable sea view snugs. I booked this trip in April as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, Steven, who I always find so difficult to shop for so when I realised there really was nothing he needed I thought why not arrange to spend quality time together and make memories instead.

I started by scouring the internet for beautiful log cabins but quickly realised just how expensive these kinds of trips can be so I switched over to discount sites like Groupon and Itison. This is when I noticed a deal for Laggan Outdoor Sea View Snugs, unfortunately, due to when I would be booking I couldn't get the deal but decided to book regardless at full price. Laggan Outdoor offers eight individually decorated sea view snugs set in the heart of Dumfries & Galloway, on the hills above the Solway coast. Each individually decorated and themed snug has a king size bed, en-suite shower room and glass front with patio doors, to make the most of the incredible view.

Farms and Hills

We set off Saturday afternoon, our route took us through Galloway Forest Park which was beautiful. I would have enjoyed exploring the various walks and trails available in this park but we never got round to this as our trip only lasted two days (we will do this the next time we visit). Check in was 4 pm but we arrived earlier as we wanted to go a walk and explore anyway, the friendly staff gave us our key so we didn't need to go back and pick it up (they also checked to see if our snug was ready early but it was still being cleaned).

One of the few downsides I need to mention is the track around the activity centre and snugs, everything is built on a hill and the tracks are very uneven and rough. If your car is quite low or doesn't have great tyres this could be an issue.

Boats on the Beach

We decided to travel down to the beach for a walk before heading to our snug. The beach was situated a short walk from where we parked our car and luckily we had some decent weather. The beach was beautiful with lots of rocks and little boats out in the water, it was nice to sit down and have some time to take in the views and relax.

Sea View Snug
Sea View Snug

When we returned we made our way to the snugs, bags in arms, excited to have a look inside. When we stepped inside I was totally blown away with just how stunning our hideaway was, everything looked even better than the pictures online. The snug was spacious, beautifully decorated and perfectly clean. Then there was the view and outdoor space, each snug comes with glass sliding doors and table and chairs outside with a view of the sea. You can see a few of the other snugs but everything still felt very private and secluded. Oh and I don't think I've mentioned yet but I booked a hot tub!!! Our snug is named The Dock and is the only snug that has a hot tub available for an extra charge. Once we got settled Steven travelled up the cafe to pick up the takeaway we had arranged when we arrived. Saturday night is curry night so obviously, that's what we had to try. The food was very tasty and we were given a large portion, our curries also came with a naan each which was the only thing I wasn't as keen on as it felt more doughy and bread like than naans usually are but I appreciate that it was homemade.

Sea View Snug
View from Sea View Snug

After spending some more time relaxing we decided to head for the hot tub, this is where we had our first issue....like an idiot I went straight out removed the cover and hopped in while Steven was having a shower annnnd it was cold! We phoned up and one of the girls at reception came down to help us heat the water (which should have been done for our arrival). The staff were very apologetic and we were offered the hot tub the next night free of charge which was a lovely gesture and made up for the delay. Once everything was heated properly we got in drinks in hand (and many more drinks propped up outside the hot tub). We spent many hours relaxing (and drinking) admiring the view and listening to music. Once the sun had set the sky was filled with stars so yet again we were given a stunning view. We had the most incredible day and after tearing ourselves away from the hot tub we headed to bed ready to go exploring the next day.

Hot Tub
View from the Hot Tub

My suggestions if you ever visit Laggan Outdoor and opt for the hot tub are to bring insect repellent, we were bothered for a while by some little critters! Also, bring some cheap flip-flops are shoes you don't mind getting wet when walking back and forth from the hot tub to the snug.

Drinks in the Hot Tub

The next morning I must admit I felt a little hungover so we spent the morning with the doors open in bed, drinking tea and listening to sounds of the sea in the distance. When I managed to pull myself together we decided to do some more exploring and decided to visit Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park. We had fun although the place did feel a bit run down, I didn't mind as I think the park want to make a genuine effort to help animals as opposed to some big zoos that make huge profits. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, we spent time in the hot tub and watched a film in the snug before heading to bed ready to check out early the next morning.

Cup of Tea
View from Sea View Snug

Overall we had a great time, this was a romantic getaway and perfect place to unwind. We will definitely return in the future and we wished we could have stayed an extra day. I would recommend a minimum stay of three days so you can have plenty of time to do everything without feeling rushed.

Sea View Snug

Note: It doesn't state it on the website but the room comes with a small fridge but has no hairdryer.

Sea View Snug

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  1. Love your writing style! The place seemed so cozy and relaxing!

    Xoxo sistersdaily.com

    1. Aww thank you so much, that means a lot! It really was a beautiful place!

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