NYX Lip Lingerie Review

NYX Lip Lingerie

Today I'm giving a review of the NYX Lip Lingerie, I started with two shades as this was a product I had never tried before and I wanted to form some opinions on it before deciding if I would purchase more shades from the collection. The Lip Lingeries are a liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish, they cost £7.00 and contain 4ml of product.

These covetable liquid mattes boast a creamy, non-drying and lightweight formula which not only feels oh-so-comfortable to wear but is also extremely flattering thanks to the gorgeous array of nudes and earthy hues to choose from.

NYX Lip Lingerie

This is a beautiful nude shade with pinky peachy undertones. The applicator on this liquid lipstick isn't my favourite, I prefer the traditional doe foot applicator as I find those easier to apply colour. The application was slightly tricky, this was not as pigmented as it could be so you need to take a few minutes to blend the colour into the lips and make sure it doesn't look streaky. Once applied this really did look very pretty, the colour was nice and it looked even. This didn't dry down 100%, it felt a little sticky/tacky. I noticed a small amount of transfer when drinking water but nothing bad when you do want to remove this product it is best done using an oil. This is a really pretty pale nude liquid lipstick that is perfect for anyone on a budget.

NYX Lip Lingerie

This is a deep lilac colour with a grey undertone. Like the other shade, you want to take a little time to work the lipstick into the lips and build the colour. This shade feels a little more drying but that could be because I just removed Satin Ribbon then immediately applied this shade after. It also has the same slightly sticky feel when dry but the colour is fun and looks really pretty on the lips, I think this could be really nice for Autumn/Winter.

Final Thoughts 
I have had these in my collection for a while now and for some reason, I don't reach for them, the very first time I tried them I felt they were dry and wasn't keen on the formula and I think that initial impression stuck with me and subconsciously stopped me from using these. I really need to give these another shot as I do think I would like them much more than I first thought but I don't think these will ever be my favourite liquid lipstick formula. I won't rush out to buy more of these but if I find a shade I fall in love with then I will definitely pick it up. I love NYX as a brand, this isn't my favourite product from them but there are lots I love and I will continue to buy other products in the future.

What is your favourite NYX product?
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