Week 1 of Healthy(ish) Living

Pancakes, nutella and strawberries

Okay so it's been about a week since I decided to make more of an effort to be more healthy and I thought I would give an update on how it's going. The good news is I have actually stuck to it pretty well I've been out walking a lot more and cooking proper dinners and healthier foods.

Cocker Spaniel on the Beach

17/08/17 - On Thursday I started the day with some wholegrain toast and walked to my local Asda to get my food shop for the week and get some exercise for the day. I cooked my favourite simple chicken curry for dinner.
18/08/17 - Today I wanted to mix things up so I tried making some dairy-free pancakes which didn't work perfectly (I will try them again and work on perfecting the recipe) but they still tasted good and I topped them with Nutella (not dairy free I know) and strawberries...yum! I didn't go a walk this day as I was working that night but I still managed to hit 13,825 steps. For dinner, I created a sandwich of sorts using two slices of naan bread, chicken, avocado and a dairy-free cheese alternative. I was bad and had some crisps and a small amount of chocolate on my break at work.

Naan bread sandwich

19/08/17 - On Saturday I started the day with some cereal, I also didn't go a walk on this day as I was working so was able to hit my step target anyway. For dinner, I had some sweet potato roasted in the oven with some spicy chicken and carrots. After work for an evening snack I had some naan bread with dairy free cheese grated on top (yes, I'm slightly obsessed with naan bread at the moment) it may not be the most healthy option but much better than my usual option which would have been a takeaway pizza.
20/08/17 - For breakfast and dinner I had the same as the previous day and for my snack during work, I had some Vibe popcorn with honey and strawberry and a dark chocolate biscuit.

Scottish beach

21/08/17 - On Monday I started the day with a walk to the beach with Steven and Bentley before returning home and having poached eggs on wholegrain toast. For dinner, I had baked potatoes and dairy free cheese. I went to work at night and had some popcorn again for my snack.

Poached eggs and toast

22/08/17 - Today I had some cereal for breakfast then walked to my local Asda once more to pick up this weeks food shop, for dinner I had a baguette with spicy chicken, salad and dairy free cheese. I will be a little cheeky tonight and have some crisps and maybe some fizzy juice but it's good to have a little treat every now and again.......everything in moderation people!!!

This is my weekly progress report from Fitbit.

  I'd love to continue with these kinds of posts and show you some of the recipes I'm using, how I'm staying motivated and any other ideas or tips I have.
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