Dairy Free Instant Iced Coffee Recipe

Today's post is super quick, super simple and perfect for anyone who loves a caffeine-infused pick me up. I know we are fast approaching winter and I should be favouring warm drinks like hot chocolate but I love an iced coffee and so I wanted to find a way to create these at home for a fraction of the price of fancy coffee shops. When I looked online for recipes and ideas they mostly seemed to use coffee beans that are brewed overnight but if like me you are a little lazy this seems like quite a bit of effort. I decided to find a way to create an instant iced coffee that's also dairy free.
Click Here to find out why I try to cut out dairy.

Instant Coffee (my favourite is the Nescafe Gold Crema)
Sugar (optional)
Flavoured Syrup (optional but recommended)
Milk or your favourite dairy-free alternative

Start by adding a heaped teaspoon of your favourite instant coffee to a glass.
The measurements I'm giving are to suit my taste but you can alter all of these to suit your own preferences.
Next, add sugar, I usually have one teaspoon as I also add syrup which helps to sweeten the coffee.
Add just enough boiling water to the bottom of your glass to dissolve the coffee.
Next, you can add flavoured syrups, I have Caramel and Hazelnut and I usually add two teaspoons, these really make your coffee taste more like those fancy overpriced ones.

Fill your glass up with milk or dairy-free alternative leaving enough space for ice, stir everything up and enjoy!

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