Just Peachy Primark Eyeshadow Palette Review

I recently posted a Primark beauty haul where I picked up the new Just Peachy eyeshadow palette and now that I've had a chance to try it out I thought I would give you my review. This palette costs £4 which is ridiculously inexpensive for a palette containing 9 matte and shimmer eyeshadows. As I mentioned in my haul post this palette is obviously 'inspired' by the Too Faced peach palette which was hugely popular and has evolved into a full collection. This was the first time I had ever tried out any eyeshadows from Primark and I must say my expectations weren't particularly high but I figured it was worth trying as it's not going to break the bank and it did look very cute.

The packaging for this palette is absolutely adorable when you open it up the inside has a little quote saying 'you're a peach' and the centre eyeshadow has a little face etched into the shadow, it's even scented like peaches! I must say I'm not keen on the scent I think it's a very artificial peach scent but I can get over that and I do appreciate these little touches Primark have added to make this palette a little more special. This is made up of cardboard packaging and is very lightweight but does feel a little cheap, the packaging also gets very dirty easily particularly the inside when using the shadows.
These eyeshadows don't have names so I have numbered them instead so I can talk about each shade individually.

Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette

1. This is a pretty yellow gold shimmer shadow, it is a bit patchy if applied alone with a brush, I would suggest applying this with your fingertips. If you want even better pigmentation then you can wet your make-up brush first with some sort of setting spray/toner and this will give the biggest impact.
2. This is a medium pink shimmer shade that is very similar in application to the first shade, you need to apply this with your fingers to get any real pigmentation but you can definitely make it work. Personally, this isn't a shade I would reach for regularly especially as many of the other shades in the palette are similar and they merge together too much on the eyes but I will try it again as a lid shade with shades from another palette so I can get more contrast and really darken the crease.
3. This is a medium pinky/peachy shade that looks very much like 5 but more muted. It applies nicely but this isn't my favourite shade, I don't tend to wear pink colours as I don't think they suit me, if I could I would switch this for either a light matte shade for setting the lid or a dark shade so you can create more smokey looks.
4. This is the lightest shade in the palette and has a shimmery finish, this could have been really pretty but it's just too chunky and soft. It can still be used to brighten up the eye but it needs to be more shimmery to create the effect I would like, I tried this as an inner corner highlight but it just fell flat and didn't give any impact.
5. I've already mentioned that this shade is quite similar to 3 but this one is much brighter. It has good pigmentation and would be good for anyone who loves pink looks.
6. This is a light matte brown shade with peach undertones which is ideal for use as a transition shade. This was a nice shade that had good pigmentation, it applied evenly and blended out easily.
7. This is the deepest shade in the palette and the only one that can really be used for darkening the outer V and crease, I wish this was a little darker and more pigmented, it did blend easily but it took a little work and didn't quite have the effect I wanted.
8. This is a pretty shimmery bronze shade, like the other shimmers in this palette you need to build up the pigmentation.  
9. This shade is a bright matte orangey pink that was good for brightening up the crease and adding a pop of colour. This was quite a nice shade that worked well, it probably could have been more pigmented but considering the price of the palette, I'm definitely not complaining.

Swatches of the Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette
Eye Make Up Using Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Overall I think this palette is really nice for the price, obviously, it isn't going to be the highest quality or have the most intense pigmentation but I can definitely see myself creating looks with this palette especially for everyday wear, I do think some of the shades are a little similar and I would have liked to see a pale matte that could be used all over the lid and another dark shade that could really deepen the outer corner of the eye. These eyeshadows do have quite a bit of fallout (particularly the mattes) which does make the packaging look a bit grubby but overall I don't mind, most eyeshadow palettes have some degree of fallout. I think this will be nice to use alongside other eyeshadow palettes and I think Primark have actually done quite a nice job, even though there are things I would like to change I think £4 for this many eyeshadows is very reasonable, even if you only liked half of the shades in the palette I would still say it was worth it.

Primark Peach Eyeshadow Palette


  1. I love the look you created with it,even though the pigment isn’t that of a more expensive palette,for £4 i think it’s really good.Your swatches look really good too,i hope i can get my hands on this when i next pop into primark x


    1. Thank you, yeah definitely not that most incredible but good for everyday especially for such a low price!

  2. Lovely colours!!