Wednesday Addams - Easy Halloween Costume

Wednesday Addams Halloween Make Up

Halloween is fast approaching so if you don't know what you are dressing up as you better get your thinking cap on! Luckily if you have left things till the last minute or get an unexpected invite I have a cute, spooky simple Halloween costume for you.......Wednesday Addams!

This year I wanted a costume that would look good but didn't require a lot of effort and expense and I think this is a perfect idea, all you need is a black dress with a white collar, preferably with long sleeves. Today I decided to sit down and trial my make-up for Saturday (when I'll be celebrating Halloween) this is always a good idea so you can make sure the image you have in your head works in real life and make any necessary adjustments. 

This is the look I came up with, I am pretty happy with the outcome and with a few small changes, I think it'll be exactly how I want on Saturday. This is actually a fairly easy look to complete you really don't need many products.

Flatlay of Make Up Products

Products Used 
Illamasqua Skin Base (01 and 04)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Fair)
MUA Professional Loose Setting Powder 
Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette (Safe Word, Fetish, Dominatrix)
NYX Matte Liquid Liner (click here for full review)
L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara
Ardell Wispies False Lashes 
Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake (Gaze)
MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundations

To create this look you want to start by applying your usual skincare/primer before mixing up a very pale foundation shade. I took my usual Illamasqua Skin Base (click here for a full review) shade and added in some white, you could use just a white foundation but I think that would be too stark. Next, you will conceal any imperfections by using your regular concealer with a little more of that white foundation mixed in, you don't need to worry about concealing the eyes too much as your going to blend some shadow underneath and I think Wednesday rocks some undereye bags anyway. Once you have perfected your base set with some powder. You don't want to add blush or bronze to this want to resemble someone who hasn't seen the light of day for many years. I think a nice cool toned contour looks good, I actually used the shade Safe Word from the Androgyny palette but you could use any contour product or eyeshadow that has a more grey undertone to keep everything a little sinister and spooky. 
Next, you want to blend a similar contour shade into the inner corner and crease of the eye. Wednesday has a very moody unamused look so I would take the eyeshadow high up in the inner corner of the eye and almost blend out and down into a nose contour, make sure everything is very blended! You also want to blend the same shade underneath the eye and even blend out to create the look of bags under the eyes. You can also take a slightly darker redder toned eyeshadow like Fetish from the Androgyny palette and deepen everything up. Next, create a small winged eyeliner and apply some mascara and lashes. To finish up fill in the brows, I don't think this look needs to be perfected, Wednesday's brows were not perfectly sculpted so I think it looks good to fill in the brows and brush them up a little. To complete the look finish with a dark black lip and plait the hair. 
On Saturday I will use a spray to make my hair look black and really take the look to the next level.

Selection of Make Up Products and False Lashes

This is a very simple costume that you could probably create with things you have at home but I chose to buy a dress for the occasion. I picked up the Clara Collard Swing Dress from Missy Empire for £18. I like this dress because it's not fitted, a super tight little black dress would look cute but I think this swing style works better for playing the part of Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday Addams Halloween Make Up

I hope you enjoyed this look, what are you dressing as for Halloween this year?

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