That'so! Sun Make-up Review

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

A couple of weeks ago That'so! was kind enough to send me out a sample of their On The Go Dark Sun Make-up to try and I had so many thoughts on the product I decided to write up a review. (Disclaimer - The brand did send me a sample for free but all thoughts are my own, this post isn't sponsored and I am under no obligation to write about the product at all) 

The full-size bottle contains 125ml of product and costs £26, I was sent a 25ml sample size which is enough for at least one full body application. The main ingredients are DHA (derived from sugar) and Aloe Vera, these provide hydration and a patchy free formula. This is a 100% natural tanning formula with no parabens in an aerosol to allow easy application to all areas of the body. Tan develops in 2-3 hours and last 3-4 days.

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

When I first decided to try the tan I sprayed a little into the sink to get a feel for how the product would work and I noticed the colour looked like it had a very red undertone which did make me feel very nervous as my usual tan has a very olive undertone. Nonetheless, I checked online for directions and started applying the colour working up the body starting with my legs, I would suggest always applying this in the bathroom as you get quite a bit of fall down from the spray that did coat the soles of my feet and I had to wipe the bathroom floor when I was done. The instructions state you shouldn't get wet or sweat for 24 hours after application which is a little bit of a concern if you get caught in the rain (also how does one stop themselves from sweating.....surely that's something we have no control over). Anyway onto all the good points about this tan, firstly, it has one of the finest mists I have ever seen on any kind of tanning/body make-up product. This feels so weightless on the skin and is super easy to apply and allows you to get to all those difficult to reach areas of the body like your back without any assistance. Every now and then you will get small droplets of tan on the skin but you can easily tap over the area and blend out the colour without it leaving any strange marks. The spray is so weightless and the initial colour is quite light that it can be a little difficult to tell if you've applied the colour evenly but I think I was just nervous as I had never used this tan before, next time I would go in a little more heavy-handed as the colour didn't look super dark once it was developed. The colour was perfectly even and a really nice tone, I would agree with the brand claims that this takes a few hours to develop and lasts a couple of days before fading off. I must admit it does still have a little bit of that fake tan scent that is a little biscuity but it's not anything dramatic and I can definitely get past it. My final opinion is that this is great tanning product, it's almost a hybrid between an instant tanning make-up and a traditional fake tan that lasts the week. It's so easy and quick to use and gives really nice results I would say this is perfect for tanning last minute or for nights out where you want quick results that don't need to last as long. This is a really lovely fake tanning product that I would definitely recommend to others in the future!

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

(I forgot to take pictures of my skin once the tan had developed when I next apply the product I will update this post to show the results)

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Hello today is my third instalment of Christmas gift guides and this time it's gift ideas for all your favourite women! I have picked a selection of gifts for different price ranges but I believe everything costs less than £100, hopefully this will give you some ideas or inspiration.

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Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser 

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Christmas Gift Guide for Men

Today I have my second instalment of Christmas gift guides which centres around gifts for the men in your life. I've picked a small selection of gifts that will hopefully help inspire you and give you some new ideas. If you would like to see my beauty gift guide for women then click here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Christmas Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

It's that time of year once again when we need to come up with gift ideas for all those special people in our lives, this can be a difficult task so I'm going to create a selection of gift guides for men and women that can hopefully give you some ideas! This particular post which you will already know from the title focuses on beauty gifts for women, below you'll find a selection of ideas from £3.99 to £99.99 so you should be able to find something for everyone!

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo Review

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

Today I thought I would review some make-up and what better product to pick than contour and highlight, it's what everyone's obsessed with at the moment, particularly highlighter! I will be reviewing the Illamasqua Sculpting Duo in the shade Lumos + Heliopolios which cost £29 and each shade contains 3g of product. 

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

I have a selection of Illamasqua products and usually, I do like them but unfortunately, this is one product I won't be repurchasing in the future. This comes in the standard Illamasqua packaging which is a very unusual shape and a little bulky although I don't mind this too much. This little duo contains a highlight and contour which will suit those with a light skin tone, the shades themselves are nice but I think the contour could be a little cooler-toned for those who are really pale and the highlight could be a little lighter for the same reason. Illamasqua are usually really good at catering to all skin tones but I think it would be better if this duo came in a light, medium and dark (currently they offer this duo in two sets of colours), these won't work for very fair or very dark skin. The contour and highlight have quite different formulas, the contour is a little stiffer and takes a bit of work to get a good swatch but this is actually the shade I prefer, it applies nicely and you can build the colour as its a lighter shade it would be good for make-up beginners or those who are intimidated by contour. The only thing as I previously mentioned it's not very cool-toned so if you are quite pale or prefer a grey undertone then you might not like this shade. The highlighter is the portion that I just don't like, it feels soft but it's very chunky and powdery when I was swatching this shade it left lots of chunks of powder on my hand making it very messy. I could get past this if the shade was beautiful but unfortunately, it just doesn't create that beautiful glowy skin that I want, when you apply this to the skin I find it blends away to nothing and really doesn't last very long and it also contains little particles of glitter which I'm not fond of.

Swatches of Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo
Swatches of Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

Overall, I don't think this is worth the money £29 for two powders is quite expensive, personally, I would recommend buying something like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which costs £42 but contains 6 different shades. I will probably use the contour shade in this palette but I won't bother with the highlight, this has been sitting in my collection for some time and I never reach for it, actually, I often forget I even own this. I'm sure this will work for some people and if you have tried this and loved it then great but it just didn't work out for me and I won't repurchase it.

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo

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Winter Beauty Favourites

Selection of skincare products

Winter is definitely upon us now and the change in weather means we often change up the products we use and creates new favourites, today I thought I would share mines with you. The number one skin concern I have right now is dry skin which will be the case for most people so you will notice that the products included in this current favourites post are geared towards hydration.

MAC Strobe Cream

I've had this in my collection for a while and I use it on and off but recently I've been using it more consistently as a primer to give my skin a more luminous appearance. Usually, I have combination skin but at the moment it's more dry than usual so I like to use products that inject some life back into my skin. I love this product as it gives the skin a soft glow without looking glittery, it's a great base for foundation as it hydrates the skin, adds a glow, absorbs easily and doesn't make the skin look or feel greasy. This can be applied all over the face, on the highpoints, before/after foundation or on it's own. MAC now sells this cult product in 5 different shades so there is something to suit everyone, it contains 50ml of product and costs £25.

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

This product is designed to give your skin a hydration boost, hyaluronic acid is said to help with the production of collagen and the retention of moisture in the skin, both of which help slow signs of ageing. I mix two drops of this in with my moisturiser every day to help keep dry skin at bay. This bottle contains 30ml of product and costs £24.95 (Superdrug often has offers on the Nip+Fab range so I would wait for one of these and grab a bargain). This is a great product if you already have a daily moisturiser that you love and don't want to change but you want to get more hydration over the winter months. Click here to read my first impressions.

Liz Earle Hand Cream

Hand Cream
Usually, I don't like using hand cream because I hate waiting for them to absorb into the skin but at this time of year, I make an effort to apply them because my hands get quite dry particularly because I work in retail. I have two current favourites which I have mentioned previously on my blog. The first is the Liz Earle Rosemary and Rock Rose Hand Repair and the second is the Neals Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream. My Liz Earle hand cream is great because it absorbs quickly and is perfect for every day when you still need to be able to do things and my Neals Yard cream is more nourishing and good for applying before bed when you have the time to let it fully absorb. Click here to read my full review of the Bee Lovely Hand Cream.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil
I always like to have an oil in my skincare collection and I do try out different ones, currently, I am using Argan Oil that I picked up from Holland and Barrett. This particular oil costs £15.99 for 59ml of product and can be used for skin and hair. This is a great multi-use oil that can be used for dry skin on the face and body, applied to hair or added to your bath. I use this oil at night to keep my skin soft and moisturised, I also mix this with tea tree oil when I have a breakout. Now that we are moving into winter I am starting to use this more, applying it to my legs which get particularly dry and on the ends of my hair after washing.

Lip Balm
I use lip balm all year round but when we get into the winter months it becomes an essential! Before I apply make-up each day I put on some lip balm then by the time I've finished my face my lips are soft and prepped for lipstick. I will also apply my lip balm every night before going to bed to stop them drying out, currently, I am using the Carmex Moisturising Cherry Lip Balm which is a great budget-friendly option. This balm comes in a convenient squeeze tube and stops my lips from getting dry and chapped. I also like the Carmex Tinted Balm which is great for using throughout the day for top-ups and adding a little colour.

Selection of Skincare Products

Do you have any winter essentials?

Winter Fashion Essentials + Wishlist

Hunter wellies stood on autumn leaves

Autumn is not only my favourite season but it's my favourite time for fashion, I never really get excited about summer outfits, probably because we never get a true summer here in Scotland but as soon as autumn hits I can't wait to run out and pick up some new clothes so today I thought I would share some of my staple wardrobe items that I will definitely be wearing for the rest of the year and some new items I have my eye on!

Ankle Boots 
I love having a cute pair of ankle boots to wear in the winter, I usually have one pair I become obsessed with and wear to death before I finally admit defeat and throw them out. Ankle boots are great for dressing up outfits and making them look more put together, they also really help to keep your feet warm and dry on those cold autumn days. I love to pair these with cute dresses or a pair of skinny jeans and this year I'm really loving a grey pair that I got on sale from Dorothy Perkins a few months back, they feel pretty comfy look great and have a nice block heel for a little extra height. These are perfect for those days when you want to look nice and dress up but still need something comfortable to walk in.

Grey ankle boots

Wellington Boots
This is something that I have year round but autumn is when I really begin to rely on them. Steven bought me my first pair of Hunter wellies a few years back for Christmas and I'm now onto my second pair. These can be made to look really cute with your outfit but they are really an amazing practical item. I live in Scotland and it rains.....a lot! I also have a dog, Bentley, who needs walking twice a day which can often involve being dragged through grass, sand and mud so having a pair of these is an absolute lifesaver.

Scarfs and Hats
I absolutely love hats and scarfs at this time of year! These are great for that in-between weather when you want to wear a light jacket but it's getting cold. My favourite kind of hat at the moment is a simple beanie, great for those bad hair days! Hats are great accessories, they can be super cute or add a grungy vibe to your outfit all depending on the style you choose and how you wear them.

Hats and scarves

Comfy Knits
This is what I think I will be obsessing over most this year, I absolutely love a knit - chunky, oversized, fine, fitted, soft, doesn't matter! I have a 'coatigan' from Marks and Spencer which I got last Christmas which I love, it's a thick grey cardigan with an oversized feel and cute pockets. It's really great to throw on at this time of the year when the weather is changing and you want something to keep you warm but not a proper jacket.

Grey chunky cardigan

Dark Lips
I absolutely love dark vampy lipstick at this time of year, actually I love this look at any time of year but winter is when a dark lip and simple make-up really looks amazing! I have already written a post talking about three of my favourite lipsticks for this time of year so click here if you would like to see them! Dark lips can be intimidating and if you're not feeling confident going straight for a very dark shade experiment with other colours. A medium toned brown is a great way to tone down this trend, something like MAC Persistence which is a matte lipstick is a really good option.


Misty Mountain Grey Shearling Aviator Jacket | Little LiesMoon + Stars Earrings | Little Lies

What are your favourite things to wear in winter?