That'so! Sun Make-up Review

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

A couple of weeks ago That'so! was kind enough to send me out a sample of their On The Go Dark Sun Make-up to try and I had so many thoughts on the product I decided to write up a review. (Disclaimer - The brand did send me a sample for free but all thoughts are my own, this post isn't sponsored and I am under no obligation to write about the product at all) 

The full-size bottle contains 125ml of product and costs £26, I was sent a 25ml sample size which is enough for at least one full body application. The main ingredients are DHA (derived from sugar) and Aloe Vera, these provide hydration and a patchy free formula. This is a 100% natural tanning formula with no parabens in an aerosol to allow easy application to all areas of the body. Tan develops in 2-3 hours and last 3-4 days.

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

When I first decided to try the tan I sprayed a little into the sink to get a feel for how the product would work and I noticed the colour looked like it had a very red undertone which did make me feel very nervous as my usual tan has a very olive undertone. Nonetheless, I checked online for directions and started applying the colour working up the body starting with my legs, I would suggest always applying this in the bathroom as you get quite a bit of fall down from the spray that did coat the soles of my feet and I had to wipe the bathroom floor when I was done. The instructions state you shouldn't get wet or sweat for 24 hours after application which is a little bit of a concern if you get caught in the rain (also how does one stop themselves from sweating.....surely that's something we have no control over). Anyway onto all the good points about this tan, firstly, it has one of the finest mists I have ever seen on any kind of tanning/body make-up product. This feels so weightless on the skin and is super easy to apply and allows you to get to all those difficult to reach areas of the body like your back without any assistance. Every now and then you will get small droplets of tan on the skin but you can easily tap over the area and blend out the colour without it leaving any strange marks. The spray is so weightless and the initial colour is quite light that it can be a little difficult to tell if you've applied the colour evenly but I think I was just nervous as I had never used this tan before, next time I would go in a little more heavy-handed as the colour didn't look super dark once it was developed. The colour was perfectly even and a really nice tone, I would agree with the brand claims that this takes a few hours to develop and lasts a couple of days before fading off. I must admit it does still have a little bit of that fake tan scent that is a little biscuity but it's not anything dramatic and I can definitely get past it. My final opinion is that this is great tanning product, it's almost a hybrid between an instant tanning make-up and a traditional fake tan that lasts the week. It's so easy and quick to use and gives really nice results I would say this is perfect for tanning last minute or for nights out where you want quick results that don't need to last as long. This is a really lovely fake tanning product that I would definitely recommend to others in the future!

That'so! On The Go Dark Sun Make-up

(I forgot to take pictures of my skin once the tan had developed when I next apply the product I will update this post to show the results)

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