Winter Beauty Favourites

Selection of skincare products

Winter is definitely upon us now and the change in weather means we often change up the products we use and creates new favourites, today I thought I would share mines with you. The number one skin concern I have right now is dry skin which will be the case for most people so you will notice that the products included in this current favourites post are geared towards hydration.

MAC Strobe Cream

I've had this in my collection for a while and I use it on and off but recently I've been using it more consistently as a primer to give my skin a more luminous appearance. Usually, I have combination skin but at the moment it's more dry than usual so I like to use products that inject some life back into my skin. I love this product as it gives the skin a soft glow without looking glittery, it's a great base for foundation as it hydrates the skin, adds a glow, absorbs easily and doesn't make the skin look or feel greasy. This can be applied all over the face, on the highpoints, before/after foundation or on it's own. MAC now sells this cult product in 5 different shades so there is something to suit everyone, it contains 50ml of product and costs £25.

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

This product is designed to give your skin a hydration boost, hyaluronic acid is said to help with the production of collagen and the retention of moisture in the skin, both of which help slow signs of ageing. I mix two drops of this in with my moisturiser every day to help keep dry skin at bay. This bottle contains 30ml of product and costs £24.95 (Superdrug often has offers on the Nip+Fab range so I would wait for one of these and grab a bargain). This is a great product if you already have a daily moisturiser that you love and don't want to change but you want to get more hydration over the winter months. Click here to read my first impressions.

Liz Earle Hand Cream

Hand Cream
Usually, I don't like using hand cream because I hate waiting for them to absorb into the skin but at this time of year, I make an effort to apply them because my hands get quite dry particularly because I work in retail. I have two current favourites which I have mentioned previously on my blog. The first is the Liz Earle Rosemary and Rock Rose Hand Repair and the second is the Neals Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream. My Liz Earle hand cream is great because it absorbs quickly and is perfect for every day when you still need to be able to do things and my Neals Yard cream is more nourishing and good for applying before bed when you have the time to let it fully absorb. Click here to read my full review of the Bee Lovely Hand Cream.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil
I always like to have an oil in my skincare collection and I do try out different ones, currently, I am using Argan Oil that I picked up from Holland and Barrett. This particular oil costs £15.99 for 59ml of product and can be used for skin and hair. This is a great multi-use oil that can be used for dry skin on the face and body, applied to hair or added to your bath. I use this oil at night to keep my skin soft and moisturised, I also mix this with tea tree oil when I have a breakout. Now that we are moving into winter I am starting to use this more, applying it to my legs which get particularly dry and on the ends of my hair after washing.

Lip Balm
I use lip balm all year round but when we get into the winter months it becomes an essential! Before I apply make-up each day I put on some lip balm then by the time I've finished my face my lips are soft and prepped for lipstick. I will also apply my lip balm every night before going to bed to stop them drying out, currently, I am using the Carmex Moisturising Cherry Lip Balm which is a great budget-friendly option. This balm comes in a convenient squeeze tube and stops my lips from getting dry and chapped. I also like the Carmex Tinted Balm which is great for using throughout the day for top-ups and adding a little colour.

Selection of Skincare Products

Do you have any winter essentials?

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