Winter Fashion Essentials + Wishlist

Hunter wellies stood on autumn leaves

Autumn is not only my favourite season but it's my favourite time for fashion, I never really get excited about summer outfits, probably because we never get a true summer here in Scotland but as soon as autumn hits I can't wait to run out and pick up some new clothes so today I thought I would share some of my staple wardrobe items that I will definitely be wearing for the rest of the year and some new items I have my eye on!

Ankle Boots 
I love having a cute pair of ankle boots to wear in the winter, I usually have one pair I become obsessed with and wear to death before I finally admit defeat and throw them out. Ankle boots are great for dressing up outfits and making them look more put together, they also really help to keep your feet warm and dry on those cold autumn days. I love to pair these with cute dresses or a pair of skinny jeans and this year I'm really loving a grey pair that I got on sale from Dorothy Perkins a few months back, they feel pretty comfy look great and have a nice block heel for a little extra height. These are perfect for those days when you want to look nice and dress up but still need something comfortable to walk in.

Grey ankle boots

Wellington Boots
This is something that I have year round but autumn is when I really begin to rely on them. Steven bought me my first pair of Hunter wellies a few years back for Christmas and I'm now onto my second pair. These can be made to look really cute with your outfit but they are really an amazing practical item. I live in Scotland and it rains.....a lot! I also have a dog, Bentley, who needs walking twice a day which can often involve being dragged through grass, sand and mud so having a pair of these is an absolute lifesaver.

Scarfs and Hats
I absolutely love hats and scarfs at this time of year! These are great for that in-between weather when you want to wear a light jacket but it's getting cold. My favourite kind of hat at the moment is a simple beanie, great for those bad hair days! Hats are great accessories, they can be super cute or add a grungy vibe to your outfit all depending on the style you choose and how you wear them.

Hats and scarves

Comfy Knits
This is what I think I will be obsessing over most this year, I absolutely love a knit - chunky, oversized, fine, fitted, soft, doesn't matter! I have a 'coatigan' from Marks and Spencer which I got last Christmas which I love, it's a thick grey cardigan with an oversized feel and cute pockets. It's really great to throw on at this time of the year when the weather is changing and you want something to keep you warm but not a proper jacket.

Grey chunky cardigan

Dark Lips
I absolutely love dark vampy lipstick at this time of year, actually I love this look at any time of year but winter is when a dark lip and simple make-up really looks amazing! I have already written a post talking about three of my favourite lipsticks for this time of year so click here if you would like to see them! Dark lips can be intimidating and if you're not feeling confident going straight for a very dark shade experiment with other colours. A medium toned brown is a great way to tone down this trend, something like MAC Persistence which is a matte lipstick is a really good option.


Misty Mountain Grey Shearling Aviator Jacket | Little LiesMoon + Stars Earrings | Little Lies

What are your favourite things to wear in winter?


  1. Love them!

  2. I love an ankle boot, especially for this time of year! They’re so wintery! X


    1. Definitely! Perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry and still looking cute!