Anti-Haul - Make-Up I'm Not Buying

I've seen a lot of these anti-hauls on Youtube and find them really interesting to watch so today I thought I would create my own. If you haven't seen an anti-haul before it's basically a list of products that you won't be buying for one reason or another.
I just have to say before I start that just because I am not interested in buying any of these products it doesn't mean they aren't good or that I don't love the brands, it just means that they don't appeal to me for whatever reason. If you have these products are or super excited to buy them I don't want you to be offended, we are all looking for different things from our make-up and at the end of the day, it is only make-up.

Unicorn Make-up
Brands have gone crazy this year with unicorn/mermaid themed products and collections and although it was fun at first I'm bored of it now. There's only so much shimmery colourful make-up one person needs. I am not interested in buying a rainbow highlighter because no matter how pretty it is in the packaging it isn't particularly wearable which is what I don't like about most of the unicorn collections. I personally wouldn't get much use from pastel shimmering shades which are obviously popular for these kinds of products and I'm just bored with all the overly cutesy packaging.

KKW Beauty
I have seen so many mixed reviews about the KKW Beauty products and although I think some of the products might be nice I also think they are very overpriced. You are paying extra for these products purely because it's created by Kim Kardashian/West and I don't think that's fair, I would be more inclined to pay extra money for a product if it was created by someone in the beauty industry like a world-renowned make-up artist. I do think the simple packaging is pretty but I don't agree with the price point, if the brand releases something extra special in the future or lowers the prices to match the quality then I would consider making a purchase but until then I won't be buying anything from the brand.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
When this palette first released I saw people going crazy for it but for some reason I was just never interested in it, I own the Naked 3 palette and unfortunately, it's not my favourite. The Naked 3 palette does have lovely shades and there's nothing wrong with the quality but for some reason, I never reach for it, it just doesn't feel special and I think some of the shades just don't suit me personally. I think this is one of the main reasons that I don't get excited about the other Naked palettes, the Naked Heat palette specifically just doesn't call out to me, I think this might partly be due to the abundance of warm-toned palettes that have been released this year. The colours in the palette look pretty they just don't look like anything new or unique so for this reason, I won't be picking up this palette.

Too Faced Best Year Ever Collection
Although I think this is a nice concept and cute to give as a gift or split up into three gifts I just don't love this collection. The palettes themselves look like they have a nice selection of shades that are colour coordinated well and very wearable but the packaging is just too cute and has an immature feel, it reminds me a bit of child/teen make-up and I would prefer something a bit more sophisticated for the price. I think this would work as a gift for teenagers who are beginning to experiment with make-up but it's not something I would like to buy personally
These are a selection of products I have no interest in buying, let me know if you have enjoyed this post and what products you won't be picking up. I enjoy reading these kinds of posts and I plan to create more of my own in the future, most of us spend too much time thinking about all the things we would like to buy and I think it's good sometimes to sit back and remember that there is a lot we don't need.

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