Primark Haul February 2018 - Amazing Sale Bargains

I've named this post a 'sale haul' in reality it's a few new bit and pieces I've picked up from Primark in the last week, some of which happened to be in the sale and total bargains! Generally, when I see anything on sale in Primark it's stuff you wouldn't look twice at and it's a pretty pitiful selection but the sale they have going on right now seems to be across all the various departments and they have some gems that have been marked down significantly. 

I'm going to start with the item that I was most excited about and had the biggest saving, a pair of black faux suede ankle boots, these were originally £16 (or maybe it was £15) and they were on sale for just £1, I was stunned that these were on sale for just £1 so I picked them up straight away. These are really cute with a little tie detail across the top, I wore these at the weekend and they are really comfortable, I would say they are a tiny bit big for me as I believe they were wide fit boots but it's nothing a fluffy pair of socks won't fix.

My second bargain actually came from the men's department and is a light grey cardigan, I'm not 100% sure the original cost, as I had all the tags ripped off and binned before sense kicked in that I should keep hold of them for this post but I believe it was around £15 and the sticker said it was down to £3 but once we reached the till we were told it was reduced to just £1. This is a nice thin knit fabric so I think it'll be great as we go into spring/summer and the weather begins to change, it would even be good to throw on lounging around the house.

The final item I picked up from the sale were a pair of super high waist skinny jeans that were down from £9 to £4.50, I regularly pick up the high waist skinny jeans from Primark but I usually opt for a dark wash or black pair so this pale denim is great for a change. These are lovely and comfortable but the fit is slightly larger than usual, they still fit absolutely fine they are just a little more loose fitting than my usual jeans from Primark.

I picked up another pair of jeans, these ones full price at £15, again in a lighter denim with a mid-rise fit. I recently threw out my last pair of ripped jeans as they were looking a little too 'worn' and the rips were ever expanding so I picked up this new pair to wear as the weather starts to improve and I get more excited for summer days. I think they'll be perfect paired with some loose fit t-shirts and a pair of trainers.

Recently I've been wearing earrings again and I found this adorable pair of black and gold pom pom ones for just £1.50. I love Primark for accessories and I can't wait to wear these earrings more often, I'll be wearing these on nights out because I think they really help dress up an outfit and now that my hair is cut a little shorter I feel like you can see any earrings I'm wearing much easier.

The final item that I picked up is from the homeware section and it's this metal and wood shelf that I've not actually put up on the wall yet but I think it'll look great on the wall with some fake plants. The Primark homeware section has been steadily improving and they now have some really amazing stuff, this cost £6 which I think is so reasonable!

 So this is everything I've picked up over the last week or so, what items are you wanting to buy for Spring/Summer this year?

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