Primark Moisturising Foundation Stick - First Impressions!

I originally went to Primark to try and pick up the foundation everyone's calling a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear but unfortunately, they didn't have a shade that would match my skintone so instead I picked up the My Perfect Colour Moisturising Foundation Stick Foundation in the shade Nude Beige. I've only tried out this foundation a couple of times so I'm calling it a first impressions post rather than a review, my opinions could change the more I use this product and if that's the case I will give an update.

This foundation costs £2.50 contains 11g of product and claims to be buildable coverage with a velvet finish and vitamin E. The price is crazily affordable, you would struggle to find a cheaper one elsewhere and the amount of product is also very generous, the L'Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick which I recently tried out contained 9g of product which seemed to be pretty standard so you get an extra 2g with the Primark foundation.

The formula is very creamy and blends well, the colour is a good match for me although I don't know how many shades are in the range so others may struggle to find an appropriate shade. I agree with the claims that this is buildable, it layers up well and gives you medium coverage, you could probably apply more for a full coverage finish but I think it would feel a little heavy on the skin and possibly end up looking a little cakey. When first applying this foundation I was worried it was looking a little dry but the more it sits on the skin the more I feel it warms up and looks better. 

The problem area for me with this foundation is my nose, this is the area the foundation didn't seem to sit as smoothly. The foundation does seem to lift in areas so be careful when applying liquids/creams on top and touching your face throughout the day.

Once everything is set with powder the foundation looks good and all other powder products (bronzer/blush/highlighter) layer nicely on top.

I have worn this foundation all day and it held up pretty well, I noticed a little separation around my nose, some creasing under the eye area and it looked slightly dry and cakey on the areas where I have breakouts but overall it wasn't anything too awful.

I'm actually quite surprised by how much I don't hate this, is it the best it's definitely not the worst and for just £2.50 it does a decent job. I really think the beauty department in Primark has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and the quality is constantly improving. I'll definitely continue to use this foundation and I'm really interested to try out some more foundations from Primark in the future. Overall I would recommend this foundation to others, the only people I would say this may not be suitable for is anyone with very dry skin or a lot of breakouts as it may look a little cakey and not sit as smoothly over the skin but for anyone who want's something quick and easy to use for medium coverage and  a budget price......this is a great option.

I have already mentioned at the beginning of this post that these are just my initial thoughts and if my opinions change the more I use this product I will update this post!

Have you tried any of the Primark foundations? Do you like them?

Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara Review

Today I'm reviewing my first product from Essence, the Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara. Essence make-up has been talked about quite a bit recently on blogs/YouTube videos and I've heard great things about their mascaras so I finally decided to try one out. This mascara costs £3 and claims to give fuller, longer lashes with up to 18-hour hold. You can pick up Essence make-up from Wilko if you live in the UK.

The packaging is cute and simple and although it doesn't look super luxurious it doesn't feel cheap or tacky.
The brush on this mascara wand is quite small and fine so it's easy to get the mascara right down to roots of the lashes. There are lengthening fibres within the mascara which I was worried about, I thought they might make things messy, clumpy or be irritating to the eyes but you don't particularly notice the fibres. When applying the mascara you can get some clumps but just take the time to work the brush through the lashes and you'll be able to remove any excess and stop things getting 'spidery'.

It holds up all day without any smudging or flaking, I'm not sure if it would last the full 18 hours that it claims but who really needs to wear a mascara for that long? You will probably want to curl your lashes first, if like me, you have very straight lashes this mascara won't give you any added curl or lift.

I would probably say I still prefer the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara a little more as it makes the lashes look slightly wispier but the lower price tag of the Essence mascara makes it a very close call between the two. Personally, I think the drugstore does an amazing job when it comes to mascaras and you need to replace them so often that I don't see a need for buying high-end ones.

This is a lovely mascara that adds both length and volume, it doesn't give the most dramatic look but I think it's a great everyday mascara for a great price. I would repurchase this mascara but I do also want to try out some different ones from the Essence range.

Heres how the eye looks without any mascara and after applying the Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara (and a small amount of eyeliner)

Have you tried any of the Essence mascaras? What are your favourites?

Viral Hack For False Eyelashes - Does It Work?

False Eyelashes

Over the last week or so I've seen a video pop up all over social media showing a super simple hack to make cheap, plastic false eyelashes look more wispy and expensive so today I decided to test it out and see if it really works. 
To do this hack all you need is a cheap pair of false eyelashes and a clean spoolie. This will work best on really dramatic lashes that have a plastic look and are a bit too uniform. All you need to do is take your spoolie and scrub back and forth over the lashes until you get the desired effect.

Primark False Eyelashes

To test this out I picked up two different pairs of false eyelashes from Primark that cost just £1 each! I actually quite like the false eyelashes from Primark they are super inexpensive and can look great if you pick the right style. Usually, I pick up the ones that look wispy and natural so today I picked styles that are more dramatic and that I usually wouldn't look twice at to see if this hack can improve them.

Dramatic Lashes
These were the first pair of lashes that I picked up because as the name suggests these are a more dramatic style, initially I didn't think I liked these but the more I looked at them the prettier I actually think they are even before trying out this hack. I gave these a scrub with the spoolie for a good few minutes, it can take a little time to see results so don't give up too quickly. The end result wasn't a huge change in appearance although I could see a difference and the lashes did look more natural. I think the difference was quite subtle because of the style of lashes, the individual lashes on the band were quite fine and smooth and I think this hack works best on very full, thick, dramatic and fake looking lashes.

False Eyelashes
Top - Lashes after hack
Bottom - Lashes before trying the hack

Volume Lashes
I picked up this pair of lashes as they are definitely not a style I would ever usually wear, these are super full and way too straight and uniform which feels very unnatural. I scrubbed away at these lashes with my spoolie, don't be afraid, you do need to be fairly rough with them, just be careful not to damage the band. This style showed much better results and I was actually quite impressed, I think the end result was a definite improvement. The lashes look much more fluttery and natural, I noticed on both of the lash styles a more 3D look was given which I really like.

False Eyelashes
Top - Lashes after hack
Bottom - Lashes before trying the hack

Overall, I would say this hack works, the trick is to pick the right style of lashes to do it with, it works best with very dramatic lashes, the cheaper and tackier looking the better the results you get. This really helps to give the lashes a more 3D look and takes away some of the shine that makes the lashes look 'plasticky'.

Primark False Eyelashes On The Eye
Primark False Eyelashes On The Eye

The image at the top shows how the volume lashes look before trying out this hack, the image below is the results after.

Do you know any good eyelash hacks?

Tips and Tricks for Applying False Eyelashes

I recently wrote up a review of the Red Cherry Eyelashes (link here) and it got me thinking that I should really create a post with some advice on how to apply false's what I'm doing today. False eyelashes like winged eyeliner are notoriously tricky to master and part of it just comes down to practise but of course, there are some things you can do to make the whole process a little easier.

The first and probably most important piece of advice I can give is to trim your false eyelashes. Most of the time lash bands are too long for our eyes and if you don't cut them to fit your own eye they sit too close to the inner corner of the eye which is often irritating and can cause the lashes to start lifting. To trim lashes, peel carefully from the tray and hold against your own eye, place the lash where you want them to start (where the bulk of your own lashes start at the inner corner) then see how much excess you need to remove from the outer corner.
Be careful! before you cut anything from your false eyelashes check which are for your left eye and which are for your right eye. Many times the box/tray won't tell you which is which but take a few minutes to figure it out, most of the time it's the side with the shorter lashes that is intended for your inner corners. It's always very important to cut from the outside edge of the lash band, if you trim them at inner corner then you won't get a natural blend between your own lashes and the false eyelashes. Finally, when cutting be careful not to cut the lashes, only cut through the actual band.

If you are new to applying lashes start with a more natural style, these will be easier to apply and feel more comfortable on the eyes.

If you want your lashes to look natural and seamless and you're not confident applying them close to the lash line without a thick/winged eyeliner the first thing you want to do is learn to tightline your eyes (applying eyeliner to the top waterline), this can feel a bit weird but it does make a difference. You can also work a little black eyeliner or eyeshadow along the lashline as close to the roots as possible, taking the time to cover any skin showing between eyelashes. This will make your eyelashes look more natural if you haven't mastered applying false eyelashes super close to the lash line.

1. Bare lid without any eyeliner or mascara
2. Tightlined with black kohl liner
3. Black kohl liner and black powder smudged into the lashline
4. One layer of mascara
After eyelash application

Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash band then allow it to go tacky, wait 20-30 seconds, don't be tempted to place them on the eye straight away as they will slip/move and be more difficult to keep on the eye.

For the application, you want to find what works for you, some people prefer to apply lashes with a pair of tweezers I prefer applying them with my hands. The easiest way to apply lashes is to hold a mirror under your face and look down into the mirror, place the centre of the lash in the middle of your eye as close to the lashline as possible then start with the outer edge and get the placement right before moving to the inner corner and gently pressing it down into place.

Once the eyelashes are in place gently pinch the false lash and natural lash together to blend them together and avoid gaps between the lash band and lashline. You can use tweezers, lash applicators or your fingertips.

Once the glue is dry and you are happy with the results, take some liquid liner or black eyeshadow and carefully go over the lash band, this will hide any shine from the glue and make the lashes look more natural. You can buy black glue but I think this could be quite messy especially if you are new to applying lashes and may need to move things around, I always pick up a lash glue that dries clear and this works best for me.

Extra Tips

  • If you have a fresh pair of lashes and the band is thick or not very flexible bend wrap the lash around something like a make-up brush for a few minutes to help soften the band and make application easier.
  • Be delicate with your lashes and you'll be able to reuse them for longer if they start to look grubby take a little micellar water and a cotton bud and gently swipe over the lashes removing excess glue and make-up, finish by brushing through the lashes with a spoolie and place on lash tray to dry and help keep the shape.

There you have it, my advice for making false eyelash application easier, keep trying and you will get the hang of it!
Do you have any tips and tricks for applying false eyelashes?

Red Cherry Lash Review

I was recently contacted by and they kindly gifted me 4 pairs of lashes from the Red Cherry line, I chose the styles Birmingham, Stevi, Harley and Wispy which I will review for you below. I have already stated that these were gifted to me but that has no impact on my views and all opinions on these products are 100% my own.

Okay, so, is an online retailer based in the UK supplying over 300 different lash styles from some amazing brands like; Eylure, Ardell, House of Lashes, Lilly Lashes and of course Red Cherry Lashes. All orders come with free 1st class delivery in the UK which is amazing!
Red Cherry Eyelashes is an American brand, based in LA, it's a family run company that has been in the beauty business for over 30 years. If you want to try out any of these lashes just click here to view the Red Cherry range.

All of the lash styles I chose cost £3.99 which is a total bargain, I would compare the look and quality to Ardell and Eylure lashes, both of which I have used many times and loved but they are more expensive than the Red Cherry brand. I was also impressed by how quickly I received my delivery, it came in the post the day after I picked out my lash styles.

The first thing I can say about all of the lash styles I tried out is they are very lightweight and comfortable, each pair is also cruelty-free, latex-free and handmade. You don't receive any lash glue with this brand which wasn't an issue for me personally as I already had plenty but it's definitely something to consider when purchasing.

This was the first pair of lashes I tried out and they were the most natural looking of the four, they are longer in the centre and shorter at the outer edges which mimic how most peoples lashes grow naturally. It's a really nice starter lash for anyone who doesn't normally wear lashes, they just enhance what you naturally have and add a little length and volume. 

I love these lashes, they are super long and fluttery, they have lots of volume at the base and they crisscross giving a more natural appearance. These are a great mid-lash, they can be worn day to day or for more glam looks and are a great balance between natural and dramatic. These are also really great if you've got eye-makeup that you want to show through the lashes, sometimes if you choose something too full-on the make-up gets lost and all you notice is the lash.

These lashes are almost like a step up from the Harley lashes, they have a similar shape and style with some added length and drama. These are lovely fluttery lashes that add length and would suit most eye shapes, I love how the lashes slightly crisscross over each other. These are really pretty and another great option for anyone who loves to enhance their own lashes without going for anything super dramatic.

Yet again these lashes are beautiful, this style is a great all-rounder they add lots of length and volume. These are probably the most dramatic and full of the four pairs but they're still very wearable for during the day. These are slightly longer on the outer corner so they help to elongate the eyes and would look great with winged eyeliner.

Overall I think these eyelashes are amazing, they have loads of different styles and lengths for a really affordable price. I'd definitely buy these again in the future and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who's new to wearing lashes or enjoys a more subtle look if you love dramatic mink/faux mink lash styles then these might be a little too tame for you but I love them. I just need to finish with a thank you to for gifting me these lashes and allowing me to try these out, I love them!

Below I've included a few pictures of me wearing the lashes!

What is your favourite brand of eyelashes?

Do Primers Really Work?

Something I have been wondering for quite some time is do primers really do work? I've always convinced myself that applying primer benefited my skin/make-up in some way, I told myself I looked more glowy, hydrated or smoothed but over time I've started to question if it's all in my imagination so I decided it was time for a little experiment! Over the last couple of weeks, I've been testing out all the primers I currently own on half of my face and only applying my usual moisturiser to the other half so I can easily view any differences throughout the day. I was looking to for any visible differences to the look of my make-up after application and any differences to wear time throughout the day.

Below I've listed the various primers I tested out and everything I've noticed about each of them and whether or not I feel they really work.

This is pretty new to my collection, I received this in a gift set at Christmas so it is a miniature like some of the other primers I will talk about today but I have tried it out a good few times. This feels like a thin gel which applies very easily to the skin and feels quite moisturising. This leaves behind little particles of glitter on the skin which I don't really like but after make-up is applied you don't see this anymore, I didn't notice any visible difference to the skin after the initial application so the glitter doesn't appear to add any extra glow to the skin. I also didn't see much of a difference in the wear time of my make-up. The claims state this primer 'helps the skin retain moisture, feel softer and look smoother. It is lush, incredibly lightweight and suitable for all skin types' - I agree this would be suitable for any skin type and it does make the skin feel soft but I'm not convinced that it made my skin look any smoother.

This has a very liquidy consistency that feels a bit like a serum, I like how hydrating and light it feels on the skin. After applying make-up the primed side did look slightly smoother and more refined but I didn't notice any difference throughout the day to the wear of my make-up. Before I started this experiment, this was one of the primers I enjoyed using so even though I don't see any dramatic difference there is something about it I do like. It does claim to help extend the wear of your make-up which I disagree with, I think this feels more like a hydrating skincare product that's designed to sit nicely under make-up.

This primer has a lot of claims including, adding brilliance to dull and ageing skin, minimising the appearance of pores, wrinkles and imperfections and prepping the skin for enhanced make-up coverage and longevity. I must say immediately that I don't think this lives up to these claims, although it does talk a lot about wrinkles and ageing so perhaps this would work better for someone who is older. I will say that when first applied this primer did leave behind a soft dewy glow with a little tackiness which is a good base for make-up application but most of the glow was covered once I applied foundation so I think this would work best for those who wear a light foundation with less coverage. I didn't notice a difference to wear time but it does suggest you follow this primer with their pressed mineral make-up so perhaps this is designed more to be used with powder foundations. Overall I don't think this primer is bad necessarily but I don't think it's the best one for my skin concerns and needs.

This is a really nice budget friendly primer and a little goes a long way, I like how this feels and it did leave my skin looking a little smoother with a soft blur over my pores and texture. By the end of the day, any differences in the primed and unprimed sides were pretty minimal but this is one of the primers I prefer as it tackles pores which is one of my biggest skin concerns and it won't break the bank so even though, like the other primers, this doesn't give a big impact it gives just as much as the others for a fraction of the cost.

I guess this isn't marketed as a primer as such but it's actually my favourite, you only need a tiny amount on the areas where pores are enlarged and it gives the most instant visible results of all the primers I have tried out. This filled in pores and made my skin look smooth with a soft matte finish, you can apply alone or under make-up and this does actually live up to its claims. If I could choose only one of the primers in this list it would be this one and I will most likely repurchase this again in the future 

This little experiment has been very interesting and has shown me that, at least on my skin, the majority of the time primers don't live up to their claims. Obviously, this is just a tiny percentage of the primers available on the market and I'm sure there are many that can do wonderful things for your skin/make-up but many of them don't do anything more special than what a good moisturiser provides. I will definitely try out other primers in the future because I love testing out products and I'm always intrigued by the latest beauty releases but I think if I had to remove one step from my make-up routine it would need to be primer.

(I will continue to test and play with all of these primers and if my opinion changes on any of them I will update you)

What's your opinion, do you think primers work?

Nighttime Skincare Routine - March 2018

Tonight I'm sitting down to talk you through my nighttime skincare routine with all the products I'm currently using and steps I go through. Now I will start by saying some nights I am just too tired to go through all of these steps, at my laziest it's just a quick make-up removal and into bed. I'm trying to be really good at the moment and go through my full routine every night, I've noticed my skin is looking quite dry so I need to give a little more time and TLC to improve things.

The first thing I do is remove my make-up, I've really been loving my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish at the moment (I go between this and micellar water). I start by taking a generous amount and working it into the skin, it's a really gentle cream so I have no issues using this around my eyes to remove mascara etc. While I massage this in I run the tap to heat the water before soaking a clean muslin cloth, wring out the cloth and work over the skin in small circles removing all traces of make-up, I like to finish off by rinsing the skin with some cool water.

Once my skin is looking clean I take some of the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic on a cotton pad and sweep it across the face. This helps to remove any traces of make-up or oils that were missed when cleansing, this also helps to refresh my skin and give it an added boost.
I have a full review of Liz Earle products here.

I finish my routine by applying some oil, I have tried out some different ones but currently, I'm using the Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil which is lightweight and nourishing. I love an oil at night because they really hydrate the skin and leave your skin soft and refreshed in the morning. If I'm breaking out I'll take some argan oil and mix in a few drops of tea tree oil, this is great for fighting spots and helping them look less angry the next day.

In addition to these steps, I have another product I use every couple of days to help resurface the skin, Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose. This is a sample size that I got just as I was running out of my previous sample in the original formula. I apply this after cleansing the skin in place of my moisturiser and this helps to remove dead skin cells so I can wake up to a brighter and smoother complexion.

That's pretty much all I'm doing at the moment, this cold wintery weather can make your skin feel more sensitive so I'm trying not to overload it with too many products, this combination is just right to keep my skin from becoming dry and dull. 

What products are you using in your nighttime skincare routine?