Nighttime Skincare Routine - March 2018

Tonight I'm sitting down to talk you through my nighttime skincare routine with all the products I'm currently using and steps I go through. Now I will start by saying some nights I am just too tired to go through all of these steps, at my laziest it's just a quick make-up removal and into bed. I'm trying to be really good at the moment and go through my full routine every night, I've noticed my skin is looking quite dry so I need to give a little more time and TLC to improve things.

The first thing I do is remove my make-up, I've really been loving my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish at the moment (I go between this and micellar water). I start by taking a generous amount and working it into the skin, it's a really gentle cream so I have no issues using this around my eyes to remove mascara etc. While I massage this in I run the tap to heat the water before soaking a clean muslin cloth, wring out the cloth and work over the skin in small circles removing all traces of make-up, I like to finish off by rinsing the skin with some cool water.

Once my skin is looking clean I take some of the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic on a cotton pad and sweep it across the face. This helps to remove any traces of make-up or oils that were missed when cleansing, this also helps to refresh my skin and give it an added boost.
I have a full review of Liz Earle products here.

I finish my routine by applying some oil, I have tried out some different ones but currently, I'm using the Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil which is lightweight and nourishing. I love an oil at night because they really hydrate the skin and leave your skin soft and refreshed in the morning. If I'm breaking out I'll take some argan oil and mix in a few drops of tea tree oil, this is great for fighting spots and helping them look less angry the next day.

In addition to these steps, I have another product I use every couple of days to help resurface the skin, Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose. This is a sample size that I got just as I was running out of my previous sample in the original formula. I apply this after cleansing the skin in place of my moisturiser and this helps to remove dead skin cells so I can wake up to a brighter and smoother complexion.

That's pretty much all I'm doing at the moment, this cold wintery weather can make your skin feel more sensitive so I'm trying not to overload it with too many products, this combination is just right to keep my skin from becoming dry and dull. 

What products are you using in your nighttime skincare routine?

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