Primark Moisturising Foundation Stick - First Impressions!

I originally went to Primark to try and pick up the foundation everyone's calling a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear but unfortunately, they didn't have a shade that would match my skintone so instead I picked up the My Perfect Colour Moisturising Foundation Stick Foundation in the shade Nude Beige. I've only tried out this foundation a couple of times so I'm calling it a first impressions post rather than a review, my opinions could change the more I use this product and if that's the case I will give an update.

This foundation costs £2.50 contains 11g of product and claims to be buildable coverage with a velvet finish and vitamin E. The price is crazily affordable, you would struggle to find a cheaper one elsewhere and the amount of product is also very generous, the L'Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick which I recently tried out contained 9g of product which seemed to be pretty standard so you get an extra 2g with the Primark foundation.

The formula is very creamy and blends well, the colour is a good match for me although I don't know how many shades are in the range so others may struggle to find an appropriate shade. I agree with the claims that this is buildable, it layers up well and gives you medium coverage, you could probably apply more for a full coverage finish but I think it would feel a little heavy on the skin and possibly end up looking a little cakey. When first applying this foundation I was worried it was looking a little dry but the more it sits on the skin the more I feel it warms up and looks better. 

The problem area for me with this foundation is my nose, this is the area the foundation didn't seem to sit as smoothly. The foundation does seem to lift in areas so be careful when applying liquids/creams on top and touching your face throughout the day.

Once everything is set with powder the foundation looks good and all other powder products (bronzer/blush/highlighter) layer nicely on top.

I have worn this foundation all day and it held up pretty well, I noticed a little separation around my nose, some creasing under the eye area and it looked slightly dry and cakey on the areas where I have breakouts but overall it wasn't anything too awful.

I'm actually quite surprised by how much I don't hate this, is it the best it's definitely not the worst and for just £2.50 it does a decent job. I really think the beauty department in Primark has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and the quality is constantly improving. I'll definitely continue to use this foundation and I'm really interested to try out some more foundations from Primark in the future. Overall I would recommend this foundation to others, the only people I would say this may not be suitable for is anyone with very dry skin or a lot of breakouts as it may look a little cakey and not sit as smoothly over the skin but for anyone who want's something quick and easy to use for medium coverage and  a budget price......this is a great option.

I have already mentioned at the beginning of this post that these are just my initial thoughts and if my opinions change the more I use this product I will update this post!

Have you tried any of the Primark foundations? Do you like them?

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