Red Cherry Lash Review

I was recently contacted by and they kindly gifted me 4 pairs of lashes from the Red Cherry line, I chose the styles Birmingham, Stevi, Harley and Wispy which I will review for you below. I have already stated that these were gifted to me but that has no impact on my views and all opinions on these products are 100% my own.

Okay, so, is an online retailer based in the UK supplying over 300 different lash styles from some amazing brands like; Eylure, Ardell, House of Lashes, Lilly Lashes and of course Red Cherry Lashes. All orders come with free 1st class delivery in the UK which is amazing!
Red Cherry Eyelashes is an American brand, based in LA, it's a family run company that has been in the beauty business for over 30 years. If you want to try out any of these lashes just click here to view the Red Cherry range.

All of the lash styles I chose cost £3.99 which is a total bargain, I would compare the look and quality to Ardell and Eylure lashes, both of which I have used many times and loved but they are more expensive than the Red Cherry brand. I was also impressed by how quickly I received my delivery, it came in the post the day after I picked out my lash styles.

The first thing I can say about all of the lash styles I tried out is they are very lightweight and comfortable, each pair is also cruelty-free, latex-free and handmade. You don't receive any lash glue with this brand which wasn't an issue for me personally as I already had plenty but it's definitely something to consider when purchasing.

This was the first pair of lashes I tried out and they were the most natural looking of the four, they are longer in the centre and shorter at the outer edges which mimic how most peoples lashes grow naturally. It's a really nice starter lash for anyone who doesn't normally wear lashes, they just enhance what you naturally have and add a little length and volume. 

I love these lashes, they are super long and fluttery, they have lots of volume at the base and they crisscross giving a more natural appearance. These are a great mid-lash, they can be worn day to day or for more glam looks and are a great balance between natural and dramatic. These are also really great if you've got eye-makeup that you want to show through the lashes, sometimes if you choose something too full-on the make-up gets lost and all you notice is the lash.

These lashes are almost like a step up from the Harley lashes, they have a similar shape and style with some added length and drama. These are lovely fluttery lashes that add length and would suit most eye shapes, I love how the lashes slightly crisscross over each other. These are really pretty and another great option for anyone who loves to enhance their own lashes without going for anything super dramatic.

Yet again these lashes are beautiful, this style is a great all-rounder they add lots of length and volume. These are probably the most dramatic and full of the four pairs but they're still very wearable for during the day. These are slightly longer on the outer corner so they help to elongate the eyes and would look great with winged eyeliner.

Overall I think these eyelashes are amazing, they have loads of different styles and lengths for a really affordable price. I'd definitely buy these again in the future and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who's new to wearing lashes or enjoys a more subtle look if you love dramatic mink/faux mink lash styles then these might be a little too tame for you but I love them. I just need to finish with a thank you to for gifting me these lashes and allowing me to try these out, I love them!

Below I've included a few pictures of me wearing the lashes!

What is your favourite brand of eyelashes?

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