Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation Review

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Revolution is the brand that's taking over the drugstore, they are constantly bringing out new products and everyone's obsessed with them so it's no surprise that the Fast Base Stick Foundation has been flying off shelves! Now I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon of reviewing this product because I hadn't actually planned on buying it, I read a couple of reviews and the opinions were very mixed so I was just going to give it a miss but my mum was picking up a few bits of make-up in the 3 for 2 promotion at Superdrug and she said I could get the 3rd free product so I caved in and got the Fast Base Stick Foundation. 

The packaging was actually prettier than I expected, it's a nude matte plastic container with rose gold details, it doesn't feel super luxe but it definitely doesn't look cheap either. The foundation costs £5 and I picked up the shade F3 which is for fair skin with pink undertones. It contains 6.2g of product which seems to be less than most other brands (the Primark stick foundation contains 11g and the L'Oreal one contains 9g). Revolution products have amazing prices but they do seem to have much less product than the standard for most other brands so you may find you're not really saving that much money because you need to repurchase more often.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

After Initial Application
The foundation is super creamy and quick to apply, it does blend out nicely although not quite as easily as the L'Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick. I like to use both a brush and sponge to get the smoothest, most even results, the coverage is good I would say it's medium buildable and has a very dewy finish. Once it's applied and set with powder the results are nice and I'm happy with how everything looks. 

After 5-6 Hours
When I take a look in the mirror after a good few hours of wear I notice the foundation no longer looks its best. My acne is beginning to peek through and the overall coverage is wearing away. It's definitely not transfer-proof, any time I touch my face make-up comes off and where I've itched my nose all of the foundation in that area has been removed. From a distance things look okay but close up you can see foundation settling into my fine lines and pores. My skin at this point looks shiny and I need to reapply powder but at the same time my skin somehow also looks dry and overall a bit cakey, it's something about how the foundation clings to the skin that emphasises texture.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

I have only tried out this foundation a couple of time but each time my opinion has been the same as above and I've decided that this foundation is not for me. Every time I wear it I like the initial result but as the day goes on the foundation begins to look like it's sitting on top of the skin and gets particularly cakey in my t-zone area. This might be better for someone who doesn't have a lot of texture but as I do suffer from mild acne I can just notice every little lump and bump.

I will continue to try out some different ways to apply/mix this foundation to see if I can get it to work better for my skin but right now I don't love it and I won't be repurchasing it in the future.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Have you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

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