Primark Primer Water Review

It's another week and another Primark review, everything from the beauty range is just so affordable that I can't help but try new things all the time and today I'm reviewing the PS Primer Water.
I think this is intended to be a dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water which I personally haven't tried out so I won't be comparing the two but the packaging has a very similar vibe.

I'm not actually a huge primer fan, I wrote a post a few weeks back testing out the primers I own to see if they really worked and I found that quite a few didn't do much, I'll link the post here so you read my thoughts more in-depth. When I spotted this primer water I thought it looked really interesting and a bit different and as it only cost £2 I couldn't resist picking it up to try out. 

Okay so in a bottle you get 150ml of product and it claims to hydrate and refresh without any silicones, alcohol or oil.

Ingredients - Are they good or bad?
Propylene Glycol - a humectant which hydrates and helps other ingredients penetrate the skin, also helps to keep products stable and prevent melting/freezing in extreme temperatures
Sodium Sulfate - a foaming agent, I'm not sure what purpose this serves as this isn't a cleansing product, some say its causes irritation 
Polysorbate 20 - used to mix oil and water in various skin care products, there is some cause for concern as it is linked to skin allergies 
Caffeine - this can apparently help to reduce swelling and provide antioxidant properties 
Fragrance - has no benefits for the skin so it would be better if skincare didn't contain any fragrance, it could cause some irritation for very sensitive skin

I've read over and researched some of the ingredients and overall I don't think there is any cause for concern, the ingredients aren't going to be high quality considering the cost of this Primer Water is so low but there are not a 100 ingredients on the list so there's going to be less chemicals.

The first thing I need to say is I love the mister on this spray bottle, it's so fine and doesn't leave any of those annoying droplets on the skin. It's light, refreshing and sinks into the skin easily, I don't notice any major difference to the application of my make-up. Once my make-up is done and set in place I must say I don't know if I personally see a big difference throughout the day but I did apply this to one half of my face and when I asked my boyfriend which side looked better he very confidently picked the side I had used the primer water on. I really like to use this water not only as a primer but to refresh the skin throughout the day and to apply eyeshadows, I think it works well as a multi-use product and I'll definitely continue to use it. It's also great for giving your skin a more dewy look and taking away any 'cakeyness' when you've gone in too heavy with setting powder. I think my overall opinion is that this isn't an essential or holy grail item but I think it works well as a refreshing mist for the skin for a bargain price!

What are your favourite face mists/primers?

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  1. I love Primark's beauty range at the moment, I've been eyeing up the Smashbox primer water but I might give this one a shot first. Like you, I'm a bit skeptical about primers lol. Also, thanks for the ingredient breakdown! It's super helpful and I've never seen anyone do that before :)

    Rachel |