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Brow FX Brow Powder Selection - Medium to Dark

I was recently sent some products from the new brand Brow FX ahead of their launch to test out and review. The Brow FX range is an extension of other brands including Lash FX and Lash Perfect and it is now available on www.madeyoulook.london. I was very kindly gifted these items but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own.

Brow FX Brow Powder Pens
Brow FX Brow Powder Pen

Brow Powder Pen 
I received three of the brow powder pens (Light Brown, Warm Brown and Highlighter) which retail for £11.95 each. These are unusual little products they come with a sponge tip applicator that collects product from the lid when you screw on the cap, be careful when you open them up as they do spring open. These are surprisingly smooth and pigmented, the highlight shade is a pretty champagne shimmer that's perfect for sweeping along the brow bone and placing on the inner corner of the eye, the light brown pen has a nice cool tone and is still dark enough to really frame the face and finally the warm brown pen is slightly deeper than light brown with a much more warm undertone. 
These products are very easy to use, you simply sweep the colour over the brow focusing on any areas that are particularly sparse. These would be best suited to those who already have a fuller brow and just need some filling in, I can be pretty lazy when it comes to my brows because they don't need a huge amount of work so these pens make everything super quick and easy. These would also work well for 'brow beginners', if you don't feel confident using other brow products then these could be the answer. The only issue you may have is getting a super precise application, with a little bit of work you can get a fine line for the tail of your brow but if you prefer a very bold, angled brow then the Brow Powder Selection (which I will be talking about next) might work better for you.

Brow FX Brow Powder Selection - Medium to Dark
Brow FX Brow Powder Selection - Medium to Dark

Brow Powder Selection - Medium to Dark 
This is a brow palette containing four shades and a dual-ended brush and it costs £19.96. I received the medium-dark shades which come with two brown tone powders, a black and a slightly shimmery white shade for highlighting. The set does come with a brush although I doubt I'll use it, I prefer a super fine angled brush so I can create a very sharp brow look. I wet the make-up brush and mix it with the powder to create a liquid colour, I find this is the best way to get lots of pigmentation that applies easily and precisely. I can use either of the brown shades to fill in my eyebrows on their own or together to get an ombre effect, the black shade would be too dark for me to use in my brows but I have used this as an eyeliner (I add a small amount of water to the powder to create a liquid liner) and it does a good job. The white highlight shade looks very pretty, it not overly shimmery but it has just enough to catch the light and make the brow bone stand out.

I created a full eye look using the Brow FX products, I used the two brown shades from the brow palette in the crease and outer corner of my eye, the black powder as eyeliner and the white powder to highlight the brow bone. I filled in my brows using the darker shade from the brow palette and finished the look off by applying the highlighter powder pen to the inner corner of the eye.

Bare Eyelid
Eye Makeup Using Brow FX Products

Okay, so overall I really liked all of the products I tried, day to day I will use the Brow Powder Pens for quickness and convenience and when I want my make-up to look extra good I'll use the Brow Powder Selection and make everything look super sharp and precise. I think the products are a really good start for the brand and perhaps in the future, they will expand the range. Big thanks to Brow FX for kindly gifting me these products!

Brow FX Products

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