Is It A Dupe? - Strobe Cream (MAC VS Primark)

I recently spotted this PS Strobe Face and Body Highlighting Cream in Primark and I instantly knew it was intended to be a dupe for MAC Strobe Cream so I thought why not pick it up and compare the two. 

Okay, so let's look at how they compare initially MAC Strobe Cream costs £25 and contains 50ml of product, Primark PS Strobe Cream costs £3 and contains 40ml of product so there is a considerable price difference between these two items.

The packaging is very similar, both come in a pearlescent white squeezy tube with a black cap which is very simple, sleek and functional.

MAC Strobe Cream now comes in various shades but I will be talking about Pinklite which is the original shade and has more pink undertones, the Primark alternative has more of a gold undertone.

The MAC cream blends out easily and melts into the skin to give a seamless blend whereas the Primark cream pulls slightly and almost layers up on itself so you need to put more time into blending it into the skin but once both creams are fully blended out they give a very similar finish.

Under bright light or direct sunlight, the Primark Strobe Cream looks much more glittery which could be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference (I'm not too keen on really glittery products on the face). MAC Strobe Cream just looks more seamless it adds glow and luminosity to the skin in a more natural way. So.......would I call this a dupe? Not exactly, maybe I'm just being super picky but I would say it was very similar but not quite close enough to be called a dupe, I think the sparkly finish of the Primark cream just ruins it slightly for me even though it's only detectable in bright light it would make me a little more nervous about the areas of the face I apply it to which is a worry I never need to have with the MAC cream. Considering the price difference I do think this is a nice alternative for someone on a budget that doesn't mind a bit of sparkle.

I will probably use the Primark option more on the body especially for summer/nights out and when I do use it on the face I'll keep it on my cheekbones as a highlighter. I love MAC Strobe Cream for applying as a make-up base all over the face to add luminosity and act almost as a primer as well as highlighting on top of make-up.

Do you know of any good dupes for MAC Strobe Cream?

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