Lash FX Review - Testing Mascaras

I was recently sent some new products from Lash FX, a brand that focuses on eyelash extensions, adhesives and tools geared towards salons and beauty professionals but they have also recently released a range of mascara products. I was gifted four items to use and test out which is exactly what I've been doing over the last few weeks and now I'm going to give a breakdown of what I thought about each mascara.

We all love a good mascara and I'm a big believer that you don't need to spend a lot to get one, the 'drugstore' makes some of my favourite mascaras and I no longer have any desire to spend the extra money on luxury mascaras. All of the products I will be talking about today are reasonably priced, ranging from £14.95 to £17.95 and are suited to those who use/wear eyelash extensions.

Build Me Up Mascara 
Claims - This water-washable mascara can be applied on the tips of the lash extensions and on natural lashes. Use step one to give a natural look to lashes or step two to build a more dramatic style.
This is a two-step mascara that gives you more control over the look you want to create if you want something very natural you can use step one alone or give a longer fuller look with step two. I will say that this is a nice mascara but I personally find it gives more length and than volume, it would be better for those who like a natural look. I like that this doesn't give a 'clumpy' look and is difficult to go overboard with, it's also great for the lower lash line. This is one of the products that I think is aimed more at lash extension wearers to give an added boost to the lashes.

Grow Me Up Lash Serum 
Claims - This product is ideal to use regularly to enhance and stimulate hair growth and will give you smoother and glossier lashes.
This is the most expensive product I'll be talking about today and it's also the one I was most excited about when I received everything. This is a lash serum that should improve the look and growth of lashes, now obviously I haven't been using this for a long time so I can't comment yet on its effectiveness but I'm currently trying to apply this at least once a day and I will report back in a few weeks on any results. It is very easy to apply and doesn't doesn't change the appearance of the lashes so you can apply this with the rest of your skincare in the morning before your regular mascara when doing your make-up. 

Style Me Up Clear Gloss
Claims - A unique clear mascara that will add lustre to natural lashes and help seal the adhesive bond of the lash extension.
I think this is another product that would be more useful for someone who wears eyelash extensions, I personally wouldn't choose to use a clear mascara but I do like this as a brow gel. This works well to hold the brows in place without feeling thick or crunchy so it's how I will be continuing to use this mascara but if you do wear eyelash extensions this would probably work very well to hold everything in place in a much lighter way than a traditional mascara.

Volume Up Mascara 
Claims - The product's expertly developed, eyelash extension friendly formula adds instant volume to all lashes with just one sweep, and can be built up to provide varying levels of volume depending on what look you want to create.
I really enjoy this mascara it adds great volume and length without getting chunky or clumpy which I love. The large wand allows you to quickly and easily apply mascara to all lashes but I would just be careful if using it on the lower lashline as it can get a little messy, most likely due to the style of wand. I think this is my favourite mascara that I've tried from this range as the other ones seem to be geared more to looking after/not damaging delicate lash extensions and this mascara gives a bit more of a dramatic look.

Okay, so to round everything up I enjoyed all of the products, I will continue to use the clear mascara as a brow gel and I'm excited to see the results from the lash serum in the coming weeks. Of the two mascaras, I prefer the Volume Up Mascara as it gives more of a dramatic look but I'll definitely continue to use the Build Me Up Mascara especially on the lower lashline.

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