My Perfect Palette

Today I've gone through all of my eyeshadow palettes and picked out 12 shades that I would pick to put in 'my perfect palette'. I will start by saying I didn't come up with this idea, I spotted a post someone else had created using this idea and thought it would be really fun, unfortunately, I can't remember who created the post to give them credit. I have decided to pick out 12 shades and that I'll stick to more neutral colours (I could create another post in the future with bright shades). Essentially this is going to be all of my favourite shades that I think could work together to create a range of different looks from my favourite eyeshadow palettes.

I started by pulling out all of my eyeshadow palettes, baby wipes and a pen and paper, I had already decided I wanted to choose 12 eyeshadows but before I started swatching I noted down a rough idea of the types of shades I would look for in a palette. To start I knew I would want a shade to set the eye and a black/very dark shade, next I wanted at least 2 transition shades (one warm toned and one more cool toned) and I knew I would want an inner corner highlight and two other shimmer shades. After I had decided on what kind of shades I was looking for I worked my way through my palettes swatching different shades and picking out all of my favourites, this is a great way to rediscover shades you love and get ideas for new make-up looks.

In the end, there were eyeshadow palettes I didn't select any shades from and most of the colours came from my Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star (Androgyny) and Zoeva (Cocoa Blend) palettes.

My Perfect Neutral Palette
1. Bitter Start - Zoeva  - Cocoa Blend Palette
2. Pooter - Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette
3. Safe Word - Jeffree Star - Androgyny Palette
4. Sissy - Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette
5. Whimsical - Makeup Geek - Foiled Single Eyeshadow
6. Pure Ganache - Zoeva - Cocoa Blend Palette
7. Flame Thrower - Makeup Geek - Foiled Single Eyeshadow
8. Dominatrix - Jeffree Star - Androgyny Palette
9. Fetish - Jeffree Star - Androgyny Palette
10. Hunts - Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette
11. Creamsicle - Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette
12. Abyss - Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette

1. I chose because it's perfect to set the eyelid before going in with your other eyeshadows.
2. This is one of my favourite transition shades from the Jaclyn Hill palette and it's perfect for a number of different looks.
3. I picked this for a cooler toned transition shade, this is also great for blending into the crease alone for a very quick natural look.
4. This is probably my favourite shade from the Jaclyn Hill palette, it's a stunning pinky gold intense shimmer shade that adds something special to any look.
5. I chose this for my inner corner/brow bone highlight shade, this would also work all over the lid or for a spotlight eye.
6. I knew I wanted to pick a light gold shimmer and this one has a really nice tone, this was probably one of the more difficult shades to pick as most of the palettes had a really good gold shade.
7. This was one of the last shades I picked, as soon as I swatched this shade I remembered how special it is, this is perfect for a really intense warm toned eye look.
8. I knew I wanted a deep brown shade to deepen up the outer corner and to create more smokey looks, there were a few good options to choose from but this one was just so intense and pigmented.
9. I wanted a deep warm toned eyeshadow and although this one has a very slight shimmer it's subtle enough to use it the same way I would a matte eyeshadow.
10. This was also one of the last eyeshadows I chose and I think it's the perfect shade to add some brightness and colour but still works well for a neutral palette.
11. This shade also adds some brightness, I love putting this in the crease and using lots of very warm shades to create that 'sunset' eye look.
12. This one is self-explanatory, a black eyeshadow is perfect for using as a liner or for deepening up any make-up looks.

There you have it all shades I would pick to put in a palette together and the reasons why! This was a really fun post to put together and it was great to go through all of my eyeshadows and rediscover shades that love, I hope you enjoyed this and if you would like to see something similar in the future, let me know!

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