Nars Stick Concealer Review

Nars Concealer

I really love Nars as a brand they have some real gems like the Sheer Glow Foundation and Laguna Bronzer, both of which are great quality products. Also, let's face it they have such classic beautiful packaging, it's very simple but somehow also manages to feel luxurious. Today I'm going to review the Nars Concealer, not to be confused with their much-hyped Radiant Creamy Concealer.

About the Product 
This is a classic stick concealer that claims to brilliantly obscure imperfections and dark spots with a creamy, vitamin-rich formula that nourishes the skin for all-day wear. Crease-proof and easily blendable for a flawless finish.
I have the shade Vanilla which is for fair skin with a very slight pink undertone, it comes in 15 other shades to suit a range of different skin tones and also a colour correcting shade. 
This concealer costs £20 and contains 2g of product which seems slightly less than many other stick concealers.

Swatch of Nars Stick Concealer

How to Apply
I've tried out a few different application techniques for this concealer and I've decided that it's best to either apply it with a brush or on a sponge. I've applied it straight from the stick and I find this tugs on the delicate skin around the eye and doesn't give the best coverage, for under the eyes I like to apply the concealer on to a damp beauty sponge then dab under the eye area. For around the nose and on imperfections I apply with a small brush.

Nars Concealer with Swatch

My Review
Okay, so, unfortunately, this isn't my favourite concealer, it's pretty expensive and I just don't think it's worth the money. This gives you medium coverage, to get the most out of this concealer you need to be careful how you apply it when applied straight from the stick I find it moves around. The number one thing I don't like about this concealer it that it looks dry on the skin, throughout the day it clings to dry patches which is particularly unflattering around spots and imperfections. I also don't find that this concealer is as long lasting as I would like it to be, this is a high-end product and really I would expect more from a brand like Nars. I've had this sitting in my collection for such a long time and it's barely been used, it's not terrible it just doesn't do as good a job as a lot of my much less expensive concealers like the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer which I love, to be fair I'm not sure why I picked out this product as I wouldn't usually opt for a stick concealer but either way it's not the best and I won't be repurchasing it in the future.

Nars Stick Concealer

I do love Nars as a brand but we can't love all products from all brands and this concealer just doesn't work for me, it certainly won't put me off trying out other products from the brand.
What are your favourite/least favourite products from Nars?

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