L'Oreal Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

As soon as these liquid lipsticks launched I knew I wanted to test them out, they are budget friendly, beautiful shades and.......they smell like chocolate! L'Oreal has brought out a range of scented make-up which is totally unnecessary but lots of fun, we've already seen this from other brands like Too Faced and now it's filtered down to the drugstore. The Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks come in 12 chocolate-inspired shades that claim to be long-lasting, lightweight and pigmented. They cost £8.99 and I was able to pick them up on a 3 for 2 offer from Boots, I chose the shades Bittersweet and Box of Chocolates and to make the most of the offer I also picked up one of their new bronzers which I will probably talk about in a future post.

I love the packaging of these liquid lipsticks, the tube has that frosted glass appearance giving you an indication of the colour inside and rose gold foil details. It comes with a pointed doe foot applicator with a little well in the centre that holds the perfect amount of product, the point makes it easier to get a more precise application and the scent.....oh my god....it's like chocolate pudding, I love it!

The two shades I chose are quite similar in depth, they are mid-tone nude-browns, the shade Box of Chocolates has more pink tones but both are beautiful. Once these are applied on the lips they take a good few minutes to dry down and they will feel a bit sticky for a while. They dry down almost completely but without feeling dry, it's a matte formula but somehow it keeps a very subtle sheen on the lips I think this may be due to whatever ingredients they use to stop this formula becoming dried out and flakey. Initially, I was very aware that I had something on the lips but as the day goes on you get used to this and it is a very comfortable formula. These are also very long lasting, I've worn these a few times and they've held up really well even with some light eating and drinking throughout the day, I can't comment yet on how they last when eating larger, more oily meals but they have impressive staying power. These never look dry and crusty, they don't crumble off the mouth, the only thing I could say is they slightly enhance lines on the mouth after a while but it's nothing to put me off wearing them. I have also tried mixing a little of these lipsticks over other colours and traditional lipstick formulas and it seems to work well, it helps to mattify other shades and create new colours.

Overall I think these are a great new launch from L'Oreal, they offer a beautiful selection of shades that apply easily, are pigmented and long lasting. If you are a liquid lipstick lover then I think you'll really enjoy these especially considering how affordable they are!

What is your favourite liquid lipstick from the drugstore? 

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