Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter Review

The Maybelline Master Chrome is one of those hyped up highlighters that everyone seems to love, so of course, that's had me lusting after it and finally, I spotted it in store and picked it up to try it out myself. It costs £7.99, which is very reasonable and I picked up the shade Molten Gold, I believe it currently comes in two other shades.

The packaging of this highlighter feels fairly cheap, it's simple, plastic and is already getting pretty scratched up but so long as the packing protects the product it's not really a big deal. This highlighter is a really pretty shade but I think it is a tiny bit too dark for me, I can definitely still wear it but it looks best if I have a bit of a tan, I actually wish Maybelline would release another more champagne shade.

The powder itself feels nice and soft and it applies smoothly, it's pigmented but it's not reflective in a way that gives you that 'wet look' on the skin. So many people rave about this highlighter that I was convinced I was going to love it but I must say I'm not reaching for it all that often, don't get me wrong it is nice, there's nothing actually wrong with it I just don't love it. I'm going to try and use it more and see if I can change my mind, I think I'll try out some different application techniques and use it as an eyeshadow but as it stands I don't think I'll repurchase it again in the future. I will say that this highlighter doesn't look chunky or glittery on the skin which I do appreciate especially from a drugstore brand.

I think overall this is one of those products that is good but for one reason or another, it just hasn't become a love of mines so although I don't think I'll repurchase it I would recommend it to others as it does perform well. 

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