Evening Skincare Routine - Autumn 2018

Today we are talking skincare, more specifically my evening skincare routine, I wrote up a similar post a good few months ago so I thought it was time I gave you a bit of an update. Some of the products haven't changed but I am using some new bits that I want to discuss today.

The first step in my nighttime routine is to remove my make-up and cleanse the skin and I'm still using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I've talked about this product many times on my blog and it's a true favourite of mines, it's a rich cream that can be applied straight to the skin to dissolve make-up, it wipes away easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. One thing I have changed in my routine is how I remove my cleanser, previously I was rinsing away my cleanser using a muslin cloth which helps to exfoliate the skin and is very effective but I've switched to a microfiber cloth as these feel more gentle on the skin and make removing all traces of make-up even easier. I'm using the Primark Make Up Remover Cloths which I believe costs £1.50 each and I keep 3 in rotation so I always have a fresh one available.
After I've removed all of my make-up I rinse the skin with some water and pat dry.

Next, I will take a cotton pad and some of my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and just gently sweep it across the face to remove any final traces of make-up/oil and refresh the skin. The Instant Boost Skin Tonic is another product I've used for quite some time and it's a lovely extra step in your routine to really calm and soothe the skin, I sometimes even take a few drops in my hands and press it directly into the skin which helps me cut down on the number of cotton pads I'm using.

Once a week I will exfoliate the skin, I no longer use physical exfoliants as I think they can be quite abrasive to the face, instead I opt for something like the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose. I have a sample size right now but it's lasted really well and helps give my skin a boost. This full-size bottle is quite expensive so I will probably switch over to something like the Pixi Glow Tonic once this runs out. When using this product I will apply it after cleansing and add no other products, I want it to work as effectively as possible and applying moisturiser on top gives a more gentle exfoliation and would be a good idea for anyone with sensitive skin.

On the days I'm not applying an exfoliator I will use a serum, currently, I'm using B.Restored Peptide Rich Elixir which I really like. This serum is lovely and light and it leaves the skin feeling nourished, this particular serum is geared towards those in their 40s but I think it's good to start with ingredients that target ageing before you need them, prevention is better than cure!

When my eyes are looking a bit tired or puffy I will use the Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On, I don't think this helps with fine lines or wrinkles in any way but the rollerball feels very cooling and soothing on the delicate eye area.

I will apply an oil or moisturiser to finish off my routine, the one I'm using at the moment is the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream, this is another mini that I'm using but I think I will purchase the full-size in the future. This night cream feels very rich and luxurious, it also smells amazing! After using this your skin will feel plumped up and moisturised, it's a really lovely product that you can buy from Marks and Spencer, it's not cheap but at £22 per 50ml it is reasonable. Finally I will apply some lip balm, currently, I'm using the Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush which smells great and stops my lips getting dry and chapped.

The weather is starting to change and it's definitely getting colder so I may introduce more oils as we go into winter but right now this routine is keeping my skin looking it's best, my skin is actually looking very clear and I've had fewer breakouts than usual so I don't want to mess around with this routine too much.
What are your autumn skincare essentials?

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