How I'm Currently Doing My Make-Up - Favourite Application Techniques

Every now and again I change up how I apply my make-up, sometimes I will go through a phase of loving a full coverage base, sometimes I like to really focus on my eye make-up and sometimes I want a very natural finish with glowing skin. Every time I change up my look I adopt different make-up application techniques so today I thought I would give you a rundown of the style of make-up I'm loving and the way I achieve it.

Okay, so for a long time I've been wearing quite a full coverage base but recently I've started to sheer out my application to let my own skin show through and solely focus on adding coverage to imperfections and areas that need it, this gives me a more natural finish and stops my make-up becoming as cakey/worn throughout the day.

The number one change I have made is to apply lighter layers and slowly build up my coverage. I've been applying my foundation with a brush more recently and really buffing my foundation into the skin, I have favoured a beauty sponge for such a long time but now I'm only using it to do some extra blending of cream products and to make sure everything is really pushed into the skin. I'm using a lot more cream products at the moment, I'm applying my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel around the perimeter of the face before or after my foundation depending on how bronzed I want to look.
My favourite brush to use right now for foundation is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I'm using the Zoevea 110 Face Shape Brush to apply my cream bronzer.

When it comes to concealer I'm using my Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer and a very fine pointed brush that I think I picked up from a paintbrush set. I'm going in and pinpoint concealing any imperfections rather than relying on my foundation to hide everything and I've stopped applying my concealer in that classic big triangle under the eyes, I'm applying a small amount and working it into the skin using a brush, I'll tap over the skin with my sponge if I feel there are any little brush strokes I want to eliminate. I think we're all applying a little too much concealer under the eyes and it can lead to more creasing, this lighter application technique helps me to keep things looking smooth.

I'm taking my time to get my base looking good without over applying products and when I'm happy with how everything looks I'm taking a small fluffy brush and only applying my powder to the areas that need it, again this helps to stop my skin look cakey or dry, it gives a much softer more natural looking finish. This continues the theme of applying sheer and buildable layers rather than being heavy-handed and making it very obvious you are wearing make-up.

I will finish off my base by applying powder bronze/contour/blush/highlighter over any creams to build colour and lightly set them in place.

My application techniques for my eye/brow make-up haven't really changed, I've been wearing pretty basic and natural eye make-up recently and filling in my brows how I usually do.

For lipstick, I've been choosing a lot of warm autumnal shades and gently patting the colour on before blotting off any excess colour to keep these deeper brown tones very wearable during the day.

These are the techniques I'm currently using when applying my make-up and I'm loving the results they give, this will continue to develop and change over the coming months who knows in another couple of weeks I might be back to loving a really full face of glam make-up, changing up your look is all part of the fun of make-up so don't forget to try new things and experiment you might discover a new technique you really love!

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