MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream Review

I have some major dark circles under my eyes and not just if I don't get enough sleep, I have this issue all the time and it drives me crazy! I want to write up a post all about the different techniques and products I use to combat/hide my dark circles but today I'm reviewing one product, in particular, the MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream in the shade Peach. 

This corrector comes in three other shades, lilac, green and yellow and you can also buy them in a mini palette with all of the shades included. If you aren't familiar with how these correctors work they are used to cancel out any colour in the skin that you don't like, green will cancel out redness in the skin, yellow and purple will cancel each other out (this is because they are opposite from each other on the colour wheel) and peach tones help to cancel out darkness under the eyes.

This concealer costs £2.00 so even though it is an extra step in your make-up routine it's very affordable and great if you just want to experiment with colour correctors. The packaging is very simple and a bit cheap, the lid will probably break off easily if I'm not careful but for the £2.00 price tag I wouldn't expect much. The concealer itself is a dark peach colour and it feels very lightweight and smooth, the consistency is quite thin which I like as it stops things looking cakey or greasy under the eyes. It has a good amount of pigmentation and really does counteract the look of my dark circles in a very natural way, it does slightly crease on the skin but I will generally apply a light layer of the product and blend it out well before setting with a powder to try and keep creasing at bay which works pretty well, I find that every kind of concealer will crease on me to some extent so I don't see this as a big issue. 

I like to use this product in a few different ways, firstly, I like to use this as a base for my regular concealer if I'm doing a full face of make-up, this works well if my eyes are looking particularly dark and it doesn't seem to interfere with any concealers that I layer on top. Secondly, I like to use this concealer on no make-up days to stop me looking so tired and drained, on those days I just apply the corrector under my eyes and on my eyelids as these are also very dark and I blend it out before setting with a little bit of powder.

I think this is a really handy little product to have in your collection, it's probably not the best quality product on the market but I think it works really well for the price, originally I had the mini palette with all of the corrector shades but I found I only really used the peach shade so I just repurchased it individually this time around.

Do you use colour correctors? What are your favourites?

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