25 Blog Post Ideas For December!

Today I'm trying something a little different and giving you list of different blog post ideas that are suitable for the month of December, I often look for these kinds of posts when I'm feeling uninspired or looking for new ideas. Most of the ideas listed below will be Christmasy or festive themed as it is December and I hope you find it useful!

1. Christmas Gift Guides -  I often try to create any gift guide posts in November but you can still post gift guides in December, I think a Last Minute Gift Guide or Christmas Eve Box Ideas post would be particularly good.
2. Festive Treats - Share some of your favourite Christmas recipes.
3. Your own Christmas wish list.
4. Goals for 2019.
5. Favourite products from 2018 - this could be beauty, lifestyle, books or a combination of everything that you've loved.
6. Blog about a Christmas event, this could be visiting your nearest Christmas market.
7. Create a list of your favourite Christmas movies.
8. Write about your favourite blog post that you created from the last 12 months and provide an update.
9. Revisit your previous goals for the year and see if you were able to achieve any of them, if you didn't create a post last year for your goals you can write up a review of the last 12 months.
10. Create an Instagram roundup showing all of the images you posted over the last 12 months, with a short description/story/link. You can also show your most popular picture this year and talk a bit about tips for growing your account.
11. Create a fashion post -  what to wear on your Christmas night out/how to dress for winter/top 10 Christmas jumpers....etc.
12. How to bake/decorate a gingerbread house.
13. How to feel festive on a budget.
14. A Christmas D.I.Y - if you don't have any crafty ideas you can test out an idea you found on Pinterest.
15. Make-up looks for Christmas/NYE.
16. How to stay healthy over Christmas, you can share healthy recipes and routines to follow that allow you to have a great Christmas but stay healthy.
17. How to survive your Christmas night out - create a survival kit/ways to prevent/cure that hangover.
18. Tips for sticking to a budget this Christmas - how not to overspend/how to make the most of the sales
19. Christmas decoration haul.
20. Winter beauty essentials.
21. What I got for Christmas haul.
22. Festive date night ideas
23. Create a Christmas bucket list 
24. Christmas eve pamper night routine
25. Christmas cocktail recipe.

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