B. Face Masks Review

We all love a good face mask to give our skin a treat and ourselves a bit of pampering and I recently became a fan of the serums from B. so I thought I'd try out some of their other products and today it's face masks. I've got two different types I've tried out the B. Glowing Clay Face Mask and the B. Hydrated Face Mask both cost £6.99 each and contain 50ml of product, I was actually able to pick them up on a buy one get one free offer so they were very inexpensive.

I really like the packaging on both products it's very sleek and clean looking and although it would probably be more hygienic in a pump container I still like the jars, the only issue is all the information is on the box about ingredient and application so if you would like to refer back to this information I would keep hold of the box.

B. Glowing Clay Face Mask
This mask contains finely ground apricot granules and seaweed extract to polish and revitalise the skin, you apply it directly onto cleansed dry skin and leave for 10-15mins (or until it's completely dry) then rinse the skin and pat dry. I've tried this out two times now and both times after initially applying the mask to the skin I felt a bit of irritation, this subsided after a few minutes and when I removed the mask my skin felt very clean and fresh but the second time my skin looked a little textured and I think overall this mask is just too irritating to my skin for me to continue using which is disappointing. It's quite surprising that this didn't work for me as I don't have particularly sensitive skin but my boyfriend who does have sensitive skin used it and loved it so this one has been gifted to him and he'll continue to use it.

B. Hydrated Leave On Face Mask
This mask contains hyaluronic acid and squalane to hydrate and smooth the skin, you can apply a generous layer to clean skin and leave for 10-15mins before massaging in the excess or leave overnight for an extra boost. This mask is really more like an intense moisturiser, it's a very rich cream that's great to use as we head into the winter months to stop the skin drying out. I like to leave it on overnight to get the maximum moisturising benefits and this works really well for me. My other half has also been helping himself to this mask and he really likes to apply this after using the clay mask as these types of maks can feel a little dry and tightening once they're rinsed off.

So, overall I can recommend the hydrating mask but unfortunately, I can't recommend the glowing one as it just didn't work for my skin type although my boyfriend is loving it, I would say if your skin is sensitive just be careful as you may experience a little irritation. These are very reasonably priced masks and great to have on hand when your skin needs a little bit of a boost. I do have a full review of the B. Nourished Advanced Serum which I love from the brand which you can read here.

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