Cosy Night In Routine

It's that time of year, the nights are longer, it's cold outside and Christmas is on its way and all you want to do is spend time indoors being cosy! I am a huge fan of the cosy night in and I've been having a lot of them the last few weeks so I thought I'd share my routine with you.

Okay so to start off, I like to have my cosy night in when it's my day off so I will start the day running errands to get them out the way, I like to clean the house, buy in any food/snacks and walk the dog so that after 5pm I'm in for the night and can lock the doors.

Once I've done everything that needs to be completed for the day and I'm ready to start relaxing I will set the mood by creating a cosy atmosphere using light and scent. I will either light some scented candles or plug in my essential oil diffuser with a relaxing oil like lavender. Low lighting and relaxing scents instantly make you feel cosy especially when it's a cold rainy night outside.

The next thing I love to do is have a bubble bath, I'm a huge fan of baths and find they really help you to relax and unwind, sometimes I will also use this time to pamper myself and apply a face mask. I will always set up my phone at the side of my bath and watch YouTube or Netflix because as much as I love a bath they can get boring quite quickly so I love taking this time to catch up on some of my favourite shows. When I'm done I'll put on some fresh pyjamas and I also highly recommend changing your bedsheets that morning so when you get into bed everything is super fresh and soft.

Okay, so once I'm ready for the night I will sit downstairs and grab my extra large fluffy throw and bundle up on the couch to watch whatever show I'm binge-watching on Netflix (currently that's The Haunting of Hill House)

Shows I Highly Recommend
Bates Motel
Making A Murderer 
The Sinner
The Confession Tapes
Friday Night Dinner

My furry little four-legged sidekick Bentley is never far away and he loves to squish up close to me on the couch, he's also a fan of a cosy night in!

Whilst watching my favourite shows I always need to have some snacks, I love crisps and chocolate but if we're going all out we will order in a takeaway which needs to be pizza, I love love love pizza.

So that's usually the standard routine for my cosy night in but I will always incorporate some other things at some point in the evening depending on how I'm feeling, sometimes I might do some blogging and work on new ideas for posts and sometimes I will read a book, I tend to go through phases with reading but I do really enjoy it, currently I'm reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It's a self-help book based on the law of attraction, I'm really enjoying the book and definitely going to put everything I've read into practice. It talks a lot about thinking positively and being grateful for what you already have to attract more good into your life, it's very interesting and really gets you thinking about how you currently live your life and the changes you want to make. I almost always read psychological thrillers so this is a nice change in genre.

I will also make time at some point in the night for some self-care, at the moment I'm really enjoying Gua Sha which I have a full post about here if you want to learn more. In general, I like to take more time with my skincare when I'm having a cosy night in, as a previously mentioned I often apply a facemask or do some exfoliation to give my skin a much-needed boost.

There you have it, this is my cosy night in routine, I absolutely love to spend my evenings this way and I'm looking forward to doing this a lot more in the next few months and over that Christmas period.
What are your favourite things to do on a cosy night in? 

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