Lullabellz Hair Extension Review

I've recently been longing for super long Rapunzel-esque locks, I've always loved long hair but at the start of the year, I had to have a chunk of my own hair cut off due to damage and the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about ways to cheat my way back to long hair. I've worn human extensions in the past but I always opted for cheaper ones that weren't the best quality, they did the job but I've decided if I'm going to get some more in the future I would want to invest in some great quality ones and right now I'm just not willing to splash that amount of cash. I went online and did some research and I stumbled across a company called LullaBellz. LullaBellz sells a wide range of hair pieces, extensions and wigs in both human and synthetic hair but they are most known for their selection of pre-styled synthetic hair extensions. A few years back I would never have considered synthetic hair as it conjures up images of overly shiny, wiry, plastic looking hair but I think technology has improved since I started wearing extensions and the quality is far more realistic when I saw Youtuber/Instagrammer Gemma Louise Miles wearing the brand I was sold as her hair always looks stunning so feeling a little reassured I decided to give synthetic extensions a try.

LullaBellz offer a colour match service where you can send an image of your hair and they will suggest a colour for you, I did this and I believe they suggested the shade Auburn but I felt my hair looked much warmer in the pictures than it does in real life so I decided to order the Super Thick 22" 5 Piece Blow Dry Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions (£28.00) in the shade Harvest Blonde. The delivery was quick, I only waited a few days before my pretty pink parcel arrived in the post, the packaging inside is very girlie and cute and there's a little window that allows you to check the colour of the extensions before opening. If you don't think your extensions are going to match then so long as the seal isn't broken you can send them back for an alternative shade, from what I could see the shade didn't look like a perfect match but it looked very close so I opened them up, making them mines forever. Now that I've opened them up and worn them I would maybe try a different shade in the future but it's a good enough match to still be wearable. The extensions themselves feel very soft and I was amazed at just how much hair you get (250g), there's some shine but it's not obnoxious and if you want to reduce this you can add in a little dry shampoo. When I initially put all 5 pieces in I was stunned, I almost felt like it was too much hair, you could easily split them up and use them as two sets if you want to get even more for your money. The quality overall is very good, you get an extra clip with your package but everything feels very secure so I doubt you would ever need it, they are very easy to put in the hair although if you've never worn extensions before it may take you a few attempts to gain confidence and make sure that all clips are hidden and the blend is seamless. I like this Wavy Blow Dry style as you don't really need to do much to your own hair to pull these off and make everything look natural. These are made of synthetic hair so you can't fully restyle them but you can use heat up to 180 degrees to make any tweaks that might be needed. The only thing I could say that isn't positive is because they are synthetic they do get a little more knotted than human hair so you may need to brush these more often to keep them looking good.

These extensions are a great option for anyone looking to try out extensions for the first time before making an investment in human hair extensions or for anyone wanting to look super glam on nights out and special occasions! Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I want to try out some other styles and hair pieces in the future (I'll probably also try a different shade), so, if you're looking for an inexpensive way to live out all your long hair dreams then I totally recommend LullaBellz!


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