Primark Foundation Pressed Powder Review

Whilst walking through the beauty department of Primark recently I spotted a powder foundation compact that piqued my interest as a way of evening out the skin tone on 'no-make-up days' or days when I'm just feeling too lazy to do a full face of guessed it, I picked it up to test out and review for you today.

This powder costs just £2.00 and I picked up the shade Cool Sands, as usual with Primark base make-up the shade range is very limited and I was worried this could be a little dark for my skin tone but considering the price I decided it wouldn't be a great loss either way. The packaging is simple and fairly sleek, it contains a mirror and sponge applicator which is a nice touch.

I will admit that I didn't have particularly high hopes for this product and I was almost expecting it to perform like any powder used to set the face. The first time I decided to try it out I didn't think it was doing much at all but when I stepped back after application I did think my skin looked quite smooth and overall more even. I tried it out another couple of times and have decided that it works best for me if I apply some concealer under the eyes and on any breakouts before applying the powder, this provides me with enough coverage whenever I don't want to go out without make-up on but still be very quick and low maintenance. 

The powder itself feels quite smooth and the shade seems to match okay, it obviously has a matte finish but it doesn't seem to emphasise dryness on the skin. If you find the skin looks a little too matte you can take a setting spray and just lightly go over the skin to add back a little life to the skin. I would also recommend applying some blush/bronzer/highlight to the face to add in some definition and stop the skin looking flat. This is one of those products that I don't love or's just kind of....meeehhhh! I will continue to use it in different ways and I will keep it on hand for the days when I don't want to put on make-up but my skin needs a little extra help. Overall, I think the product is okay, but nothing special, I do now want to try out the My Perfect Colour Mineral Powder which also costs £2.00 and has been receiving good reviews and comparisons to Bare Minerals so keep an eye out for that post in the future!

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Primark Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow Review

Primark recently released yet another beauty dupe and this time they've taken inspiration from Stila and their hugely popular Glitter and Glow collection, personally, I haven't tried those ones out *sad face* but I was still very excited to try out the Primark option for a fraction of the price!

The Primark Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow I believe comes in three shades but I could only get my hands on one, which claims to be Silver but very much looks gold to me. They cost £3.00 each and come in a small bottle with a doe-foot applicator, the packaging feels very festive, it's very sparkly and shiny so it's perfect for this time of year.

I've tested this liquid eyeshadow out and I'm pretty impressed the glitter is a pretty colour and although it won't apply fully opaque it adds a lovely bit of extra sparkle to any eye look. The doe-foot applicator makes it very easy to apply with almost no mess but it does take a few minutes to properly dry down so I try to keep my eyes closed during this time to stop it transferring everywhere. I've worn this glitter all day and it did a great job of staying in place, the only way I think this will move around is if you are touching your face and eyes a lot during the day then you will notice glitter falling down and coming away from the eyes.
I also tested out layering the glitter up and it seemed to work fine I would just recommend waiting till the glitter is fully dried before going in with another layer, apply it very carefully and I wouldn't add more than two coats as it will probably start to look and feel a little chunky is you layer it too much.

Overall I think this is a nice product, it would be most suited to those who have little experience applying glitter or who hate the mess and fuss of applying traditional loose glitter. It definitely adds a little extra sparkle to your look without being over the top so it might not be for those who want more of that disco ball dramatic feel, either way, I think this is a great budget find and another impressive product from Primark!

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Worth The Hype? - Becca Opal Highlighter Review

It was recently my birthday and one of the gifts I received was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Opal which I had been lusting after for the longest time, now that I've had a chance to try it out I thought I would give you my review. Becca Opal is one of those cult favourite products I've never heard a bad thing about it but for £30 it is quite expensive so today I'm going to share my opinions on this product and whether I think it's worth the hype.

The first thing I need to talk about is the packaging, it comes in a sleek cardboard box and the compact itself feels very luxe and weighted, it has a distinct black and silver outer with a nice sized mirror inside. The highlighter inside instantly looks stunning before you even use/swatch the product, it's a beautiful golden peach shade that suites a range of different skin tones.

I've used this highlighter a number of times now and it's really beautiful, you can use it with a light hand to create a soft subtle glow or really build it up to create that intense wet-look highlight. Some highlighters can show a bit of a white/grey cast when looking straight ahead but there's none of that with this highlight, the shade is very flattering and gives a seamless finish. It does claim to have no glittery particles but I do find it can look a tiny bit glittery in very strong bright light but the glitter particles are very fine so most of the time you won't notice it.

I think that £30 is quite expensive for a highlight but I think this one is worth it, it's a beautiful highlight that can be used in different ways to give different effects and I think it'll last a very long time as you only need to use the tiniest amount, so, overall, I think this is worth the hype and I'll definitely be reaching for it loads over Christmas and New Year!

Christmas Bucket List

This post is going to be short and sweet it's a Christmas Bucket List complete with 11 ideas to try and complete over the festive period to get you feeling super Christmasy! Personally, I think the lead up to Christmas is more fun and exciting than the day itself and I love to have lot's of fun things planned to make the most of it, many of these don't cost a lot and are more about spending time with your loved ones. 

Visit a Christmas Market 
Bake Christmas Cookies/Gingerbread House
Spend a Day Watching Christmas Movies 
Go Ice-Skating 
Spend a Day with Friends and Family 
Make Hot Chocolate
Do Something Kind for Others 
Create a Christmas Playlist to Listen to Whilst Wrapping Gifts 
Play Board Games
Make a Christmas Cocktail 
Make Your Own Christmas Decorations/Presents/Cards