Primark Foundation Pressed Powder Review

Whilst walking through the beauty department of Primark recently I spotted a powder foundation compact that piqued my interest as a way of evening out the skin tone on 'no-make-up days' or days when I'm just feeling too lazy to do a full face of guessed it, I picked it up to test out and review for you today.

This powder costs just £2.00 and I picked up the shade Cool Sands, as usual with Primark base make-up the shade range is very limited and I was worried this could be a little dark for my skin tone but considering the price I decided it wouldn't be a great loss either way. The packaging is simple and fairly sleek, it contains a mirror and sponge applicator which is a nice touch.

I will admit that I didn't have particularly high hopes for this product and I was almost expecting it to perform like any powder used to set the face. The first time I decided to try it out I didn't think it was doing much at all but when I stepped back after application I did think my skin looked quite smooth and overall more even. I tried it out another couple of times and have decided that it works best for me if I apply some concealer under the eyes and on any breakouts before applying the powder, this provides me with enough coverage whenever I don't want to go out without make-up on but still be very quick and low maintenance. 

The powder itself feels quite smooth and the shade seems to match okay, it obviously has a matte finish but it doesn't seem to emphasise dryness on the skin. If you find the skin looks a little too matte you can take a setting spray and just lightly go over the skin to add back a little life to the skin. I would also recommend applying some blush/bronzer/highlight to the face to add in some definition and stop the skin looking flat. This is one of those products that I don't love or's just kind of....meeehhhh! I will continue to use it in different ways and I will keep it on hand for the days when I don't want to put on make-up but my skin needs a little extra help. Overall, I think the product is okay, but nothing special, I do now want to try out the My Perfect Colour Mineral Powder which also costs £2.00 and has been receiving good reviews and comparisons to Bare Minerals so keep an eye out for that post in the future!

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