Primark Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow Review

Primark recently released yet another beauty dupe and this time they've taken inspiration from Stila and their hugely popular Glitter and Glow collection, personally, I haven't tried those ones out *sad face* but I was still very excited to try out the Primark option for a fraction of the price!

The Primark Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow I believe comes in three shades but I could only get my hands on one, which claims to be Silver but very much looks gold to me. They cost £3.00 each and come in a small bottle with a doe-foot applicator, the packaging feels very festive, it's very sparkly and shiny so it's perfect for this time of year.

I've tested this liquid eyeshadow out and I'm pretty impressed the glitter is a pretty colour and although it won't apply fully opaque it adds a lovely bit of extra sparkle to any eye look. The doe-foot applicator makes it very easy to apply with almost no mess but it does take a few minutes to properly dry down so I try to keep my eyes closed during this time to stop it transferring everywhere. I've worn this glitter all day and it did a great job of staying in place, the only way I think this will move around is if you are touching your face and eyes a lot during the day then you will notice glitter falling down and coming away from the eyes.
I also tested out layering the glitter up and it seemed to work fine I would just recommend waiting till the glitter is fully dried before going in with another layer, apply it very carefully and I wouldn't add more than two coats as it will probably start to look and feel a little chunky is you layer it too much.

Overall I think this is a nice product, it would be most suited to those who have little experience applying glitter or who hate the mess and fuss of applying traditional loose glitter. It definitely adds a little extra sparkle to your look without being over the top so it might not be for those who want more of that disco ball dramatic feel, either way, I think this is a great budget find and another impressive product from Primark!

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