22 Blog Post Ideas for January

Okay, so this post is coming a little later in the month than I had planned but today I'm sharing 22 blog post ideas for January. If you are a blogger then you'll know how difficult it can be at times to always be coming up with new ideas for content and I know when I'm struggling I love to read these kinds of posts with lists of ideas especially when they are specific to a month. This is something I want to start doing every month ideally I will post it on the first of each month and I hope you all enjoy it and feel more inspired to create new content!

1. Share a healthy recipe.
2. Set your goals for the new year and review last years goals.
3. Share your favourite way to budget and save money.
4. Create a how-to post.
5. Share an organisation post - how to organise your home/wardrobe/life etc.
6. Share your current skincare routine.
7. Share your January beauty empties.
8. How to get in shape - share your favourite workouts, review fitness products, create a workout plan.
9. Plan with me - how I organise my day/week/month
10. Create a 30-day challenge and participate in it.
11. Create a list of budget/winter date night ideas.
12. Share your blogging space/ways to stay motivated while blogging.
13. Review your favourite Christmas gift.
14. Create a new year wish list.
15. Give a life update/Q&A
16. Introduce your new plans for your blog in 2019/a new series your starting/how you're going to re-brand your blog.
17. Reading list for the year/review a book.
18. Share everything you've learned in the last year.
19. Share your January playlist with all your current favourite songs.
20. Share your January favourites.
21. Share your favourite blogging props.
Share your favourite cleaning products/current cleaning routine.
22. How I organise and plan my diary.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful!

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