How To Set And Achieve Your Goals

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It's the beginning of the year and this is the time most people really take their goals seriously but often we lose motivation pretty quickly and our goals go unachieved so today I'm talking about strategies to set and actually achieve your goals.

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is set aside some time to sit down and really think about what your goals are, I suggest sitting down in a quiet space when your feeling motivated and writing down your long-term goals that maybe you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years then get more specific and pick up to 5 goals that you want to achieve in the next 12 months. 

Don't try to do too much at once. It's great to think big and have lots of things you want to achieve and I fully encourage people to dream big but I don't think you should be actively working on trying to achieve too many things at one time as you're more likely to get overwhelmed. 

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Next, take each of your goals and break them down. Create five actionable steps for each goal that will bring you closer to making that dream a reality, you can then break these steps down further into daily/weekly tasks. I think it's a great idea to do one thing every day that brings you closer to your end goal, it can be something super small like doing some research, sending some emails, signing up for an online course.....anything!

It's important to find ways to keep yourself motivated, I love a vision board, which you can physically make or create on Pinterest. You can also watch videos/listen to podcasts, read success stories or practice gratitude and visualisation techniques.

Another great motivation idea is to set yourself rewards for any time you achieve your goals, these don't always need to be big expensive rewards but it's important to acknowledge when you've put in the work and you're starting to see results.

It's a great idea to track your progress, this helps you to stay motivated as well as show how far you've come. A goal planner is an amazing tool that makes both setting and tracking your goals so much easier and I just happen to have created my own Goal Planner that you can purchase from my Etsy shop!

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Finally, don't be too hard on yourself when you encounter setbacks and remember to take time for yourself to relax and unwind. Life gets in the way sometimes and it can be difficult to pick yourself up and keep going when things don't work out exactly as you had planned but don't stop until your proud!

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