Setting New Goals and Reviewing Old Ones 2019

It's officially 2019! Happy New Year!

Time to sit down and think about what I want to achieve during the next twelve months, I did the same thing the year before, which you can read about here. In this post I'm going to start by looking back at the goals I made for 2018 and if I was able to achieve any of them before setting my new goals for the year ahead, I think this is a really good way to check in with yourself and see if life is going in the direction that you want it to.

Goals for 2018

Life Goals

Move Out - The number one thing I wanted to achieve in 2018 was to finally move out of my family home and get my own place with my boyfriend annnnd.....we did it! We currently rent a two-bedroom house and although we weren't able to buy our dream home (yet) I still absolutely love having my own space.

Improve My Cooking Skills  - Over the last few years I've really made an effort to start cooking healthier meals and trying new things and I wanted to continue with this in 2018, I think I did pretty well with this goal too, I've continued to try out new recipes and although I don't always eat the healthiest I eat far better than I ever did in my teens.

Save, Save, Save - Okay so I didn't really do so great with this goal, I started off okay but with us finally moving out there was a lot of expenses and new things to pay for then just as we were settling in Christmas popped up. I'm not going to be too hard on myself for not saving as much as I would have liked to as I did manage to hold onto some of my savings during the whole moving process and I'm ready to get back on track in the new year. 

Blogging Goals

Upgrade Equipment - I really wanted to start upping my game in 2018 in regards to my blogging so I bought myself a new camera, this was a pretty big purchase at roughly £400 so it's definitely an investment but I love it and I do think it was a good decision. I would also like to pick up a lens to go along with my camera but I didn't get round to that in 2018 so maybe that can be a new goal for this year along with eventually upgrading my laptop.

Create a Dedicated Blogging Space - This was a goal that was very much linked to the whole moving out process and I'm happy to report that thanks to us getting a two bedroom house I do have a dedicated blogging/make-up space, it definitely needs some work and some new furniture to make it more homely and inviting but it has the essentials to be a functional room for now.

Start Earning an Income -  Technically, I did make a small amount of money this year from blogging and was gifted some lovely items to review but I'm definitely not as far along as I would like to be in terms of making some more regular income but I'm okay with that, I knew that this was going to be a slow process and I have started up a new venture right at the very end of 2018 which I'm excited to expand upon this year and try to grow. If you didn't know already I've started up an Etsy shop (click here for the link) selling digital downloads! These are also available on my blog in the Shop tab.

Goals for 2019!

Life Goals

Start Travelling- I have wanted to start going on holidays and travelling for years but there's always been something else that took priority so this year now that we're finally moved out I want travelling to become the priority. My boyfriend surprised me on Christmas day with the news that we will be travelling to Greece in October so we've already got a bit of a head start on this goal but I definitely want to book another trip for earlier in the year possibly around May. The funny thing is we don't actually have passports yet so that's the first thing on our list as soon as we get paid in January

Read More Books  - I have always enjoyed reading and it's something I usually go through phases with but this year I want to make an effort to read consistently and perhaps expand on the genres that I read because I almost exclusively read psychological thrillers and I would like to try and include more books that can teach me things and improve my life.

Save, Save, Save - I'm putting this goal back in for 2019 as I didn't do as well as I had hoped with it last year and I do think it's important to always be trying to improve your finances and save as much as you can. I also have a long-term goal of owning my own home so if I want to make that happen I need to get my deposit together now.

Blogging Goals

Start Earning an Income - This is another goal I'm adding back in for 2019 as I didn't quite achieve it last year. As I mentioned earlier I have just set up an Etsy shop and this is something I really want to grow and be able to earn a passive income from, I will, of course, continue to blog and work on expanding that whilst always being on the lookout for potential opportunities to increase my income. I currently work part-time in a retail job and I would love to make enough extra income from 'side hustles' to provide me with a full-time wage.

Expand and Improve - I wanted to include another two blogging related goals to match what I did last year but I think overall I just want to improve and expand everything to do with my blog. I want to always be coming up with new ideas and amazing content, I want to improve my writing and create a brand for myself. I want to learn as much as I can to give a professional look to everything I do and always be discovering new things! Finally, I would love to grow the confidence I have in Beauty and Bentley and be more comfortable opening up about it and sharing it with others.

I hope you all have an amazing year and achieve all the goals you set yourself, feel free to share with me your 2019 goals!

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