Wilko Power Blender Review + Green Smoothie Recipe

Green detox smoothie

I decided I wanted to pick up a smoothie blender recently in an attempt to be a little healthier, I've really made an effort in the last year or so to cook more healthy meals and try more food so picking up a blender seemed like the next step to take to continue changing up my lifestyle. 

Now I should mention that I'm pretty fussy, as a child I was a very fussy eater and when it comes to smoothies I need them to be smooth.....like really smooth. I hate 'bits' in smoothies so I was a little worried about picking a blender that wouldn't be powerful enough to blitz everything up to a liquidy consistency so naturally I went straight online and started doing research and reading reviews. Immediately I thought of the NutriBullet as I know how popular they are but I didn't want to spend £60 (it is January after all) so I continued shopping around and seen a number of different options but none seemed quite right they were either too expensive or not powerful enough so I put the idea to one side. Fast forward a few days and I'm out doing some shopping and stop into Wilko, this is when the clouds part and angels sing......I spot a blender....it's reasonably priced......it seems powerful enough.....is it too good to be true, let's find out!

Wilko power blender

Wilko power blender
Okay, so I picked up the Power Blender Plus which costs £35.00, it has a 0.8-litre capacity and a 2-year guarantee. The blender comes with two cups in different sizes, a stay fresh screw lid and an on-the-go sip lid and then there's the number one reason I picked up this blender, it's got 1000 watts. This blender is affordable and it's more powerful than a lot of the other blenders in this style, for example, the NutriBullet that I checked out that costs £60.00 is 600 watt. 

Wilko power blender

Okay so I've tested out this blender a few times now and I'm in love, I've made smoothies three times now (and an iced coffee), using different fruits, vegetables, seeds and ice and it's broken everything down and created a lovely smooth consistency smoothie that's very easy to drink. I'm really impressed at how quickly and easy it pulverises everything, it is fairly noisy but I doubt it's any louder than most other blenders. It's also really easy to clean if you do it quickly, the blades are completely removed from the cup meaning you can wash this portion immediately and drink your smoothie straight from the cup you made it in, so fewer dishes yaay! The blender itself is a little chunky but it doesn't take up too much counter space and it looks sleeker than your traditional jug blenders. Overall, I love this blender, it's very powerful and does a great job for such an affordable price and it comes with a 2-year guarantee which makes me feel a little more secure in my purchase! I'm excited to try out lot's of different recipes so I may be sharing those with you in the future but for now, I'll leave you with one of the first recipes I tried out which is a healthy green smoothie.

Green detox smoothie

Green Detox Smoothie

3/4 Banana
1 Apple
1/2 Lemon (Juice)
1 Inch Piece of Ginger
1/4 Cucumber
Handful of Spinach
Cup of Water 

Pop everything in blender, blend and go! Super Simple!

Cup of chopped fruit and vegetables

Selection of fruit and vegetables

Green Smoothie

Thanks for reading guys!

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