INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit Review

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

Okay, so recently INSTAwhite sent me a package filled with goodies to test out and review so today we're going to be talking about the Essential Teeth Whitening Kit. I've already tried out their LED Teeth Whitening Kit which I loved (read the full post here) so I was excited to try out the Essentials Kit which can be used alongside your LED Kit to give an added boost to your whitening results which is something I've noticed you can't get with other teeth whitening brands such as HiSmile or Kissteeth which do offer similar LED kits but don't come with this great little add-on.

The kit contains 2 charcoal powder pots, an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and 7 coconut mouthwash sachets. It costs £24.99 and contains 100% natural ingredients to gently remove stains and whiten teeth. 

Okay, so the only complaint I have with this particular kit is that it doesn't come with instructions and I couldn't see any on the website, it is fairly self explanatory but there are a few things I wasn't sure about so I did some research online, you can, of course, use the products whichever way works best for yourself but I'm going to share how I've been using the kit. 

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

I suggest using your coconut mouthwash sachets first thing in the morning or at night, I like to use them first thing in the morning, swish the oil in the mouth for 5-20mins then spit out the contents into the toilet or trash, avoid the sink as you can cause blockages. Finish off by gently brushing your teeth to remove any oily residue. Initially, this is a bit of a weird experience, the feeling of oil in your mouth isn't all that pleasant but you do get used to it, you should also note that coconut oil is solid at room temperature so you may want to warm up the sachet in your hands or run it under some warm water before opening it up so you can easily get all of the product out of the sachet. Now, I've obviously been using this kit along with the whitening gels so I can't comment on the whitening results of the coconut mouthwash alone but I do think it gives an added boost when used alongside the other products and helps to increase the whitening effects and remove surface stains.

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

The charcoal pots are very simple to use but definitely messy you just wet your bamboo toothbrush and gently dip it into your pot of charcoal, gently tap off any excess and brush your teeth as normal for 3mins then rinse, I also like to gently brush my teeth afterwards with my usual toothpaste to remove any traces of charcoal. As I've already mentioned I've been using my teeth whitening gels along with this kit so I can't speak about the results of the charcoal powder alone but I do feel like my teeth look more pearly and shiny once I've used the powder and I do think it helps to remove stains and gives you that quick instant boost. This is the perfect product to have in your bathroom cabinet for those days you need a quick fix and whiter looking smile in an instant.

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

Okay, so I've really enjoyed testing out this kit and I think it would be perfect to use after you finish using the LED Teeth Whitening Kit to prolong your whitening results or you may want to use this kit by itself if you already have white teeth and just want to give them that extra boost and remove any surface stains, either way, I think it definitely worth trying out.

6 Ways To Get A Beautiful White Smile

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

We all want to have a beautiful straight white smile, but we are not all blessed with them naturally and a lot of treatments to get them are very expensive but today I'm going to share some of my favourite tips and products to give you a beautiful smile!

1. The first thing you need to do is look after your teeth, brush twice daily and make sure you visit your dentist regularly for check-ups, I know that many people are terrified of the dentist but it's probably the most important thing you can do to care for your mouth and maintain your beautiful smile.

INSTAwhite LED Teeth Whitening Kit

2. Okay, so the next thing is teeth whitening, I recently collaborated with INSTAwhite and reviewed their LED Teeth Whitening Kit which you can read here, afterwards they sent me some refills to continue with my treatment. The refills cost £18.00 and you get 3 gels (6 applications). I love the results you get with this kit, it's vegan-friendly and natural which is amazing and it doesn't leave you with any sensitivity. After using the full kit I was really starting to see results and now that I've finished with the refills I'm feeling so much happier and more confident showing my teeth when I smile. I love that INSTAwhite offers a refill kit so you don't need to repurchase the full kit (£45) every time you need a top-up.

3. Avoid eating and drinking anything that will stain your teeth this includes tea, coffee and red wine. Also if you're a smoker this is a big one that will ruin your smile, not only will it discolour your teeth but over the years you will develop wrinkles around the mouth. I know it's difficult to give up some of these vices but even if you can cut back you'll see a big difference in your smile.

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

4.  Another thing you can try that's been huge recently is to brush your teeth with charcoal, this is a natural teeth whitener that apparently helps to improve bad breath and polish teeth. This technique is has been very popular over the last couple of years and it's relatively easy to use but can be messy.

5. Oil pulling is another technique that's taken social media by storm and apparently has a whole host of benefits which include whitening your teeth and removing toxins from the mouth and body. To do this you basically swish some kind of oil, usually coconut, in your mouth anywhere from 5-20mins before spitting the contents of your mouth into the toilet or trash, simple! 

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

If you are interested in trying out oil pulling and charcoal brushing you can get both in a neat little package from INSTAwhite. INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit (£24.99) contains 2 charcoal powder pots, 1 eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and 7 coconut mouthwash sachets. This makes the perfect addition to their LED Teeth Whitening Kit, these kits are perfect partners to give you even better results. Click here to read my full review. 

6. Finally, when you want to give that extra little boost to your smile when you go out partying or have a date night a red lipstick is your new best friend....but pick the right shade! A bright red lipstick with a blue undertone will make your teeth appear more white but stay away from those orangey undertones or you'll make your teeth appear more yellow.

So there you have it all my favourite ways to get a beautiful looking smile at home and on a budget. You can use any these tips/products alone but I find you can really get better results when you a combination of them at a time. Give them a try and I hope you love the results!

5 Girl Boss Habits to Start Now

5 Girl Boss Habits To Start Now

Today we're going to be embracing our inner girl bosses, I've mentioned a few times now that I recently started up an Etsy shop and I'm really loving everything that promotes girl power! Today I'm going to be sharing five girl boss habits that will help you to take charge of your own life.

1. Listen to more podcasts/read more books - It's really important to always be educating yourself and expanding your knowledge, in life and business. I think this is particularly good advice if you're starting up your own blog or side hustle, personally, I've been able to learn a lot from other peoples experiences. I would also recommend investing in courses, there's a ton of businesswomen, bloggers and influencers who create resources to help you build your own empire.

2. Visualise - I believe that it's really important if you want to be successful to truly believe in yourself, visualise yourself achieving your goals then put in the work and make it a reality. I recently read the law of attraction and although I may not believe in everything it says I do think it helps you to change up your mindset. There are so many celebrities who use the law of attraction in some way including Oprah Winfrey and I definitely think it's worth researching further if you want to change your life in some way.

3. Make time for yourself - It's so important to take time for yourself and to practice self-care, in this day and age we are all busy and when you're working towards your goals you can sometimes get caught up in that and before you know it you can get burnt out which is no good for anyone, set aside an hour each day or a day each week to sit and watch your favourite show, have a bubble bath or read a book and just relax! 

4. Set goals - It's important to know what you want and the steps you need to take to get you there. Sit down and write out your goals you can do this weekly, monthly and yearly but be specific think about exactly what you want then break it down into small actionable steps that help you achieve your goals, I've actually created my own goal planner which you can pick up here!

5. Get a good nights sleep  - Finally, it's one we all know but often overlook, if you want to improve your lifestyle one of the best things you can do is get a good nights sleep, consistently! Decide when you want to go to sleep and wake up each day and stick to it. How do you plan to go out and crush your goals if you're still half asleep, a good nights sleep is essential.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and start developing them now to improve your life and go out there and be the best you can be!

Did you know I have an Etsy store selling digital downloads, including art prints, planners and clipart - check it out here!

INSTAwhite Teeth Whitening Kit Review

INSTAwhite LED Teeth Whitening Kit

I was recently contacted by INSTAwhite and given the opportunity to test out their LED Teeth Whitening Kit which is perfect as I've been complaining for a while now that I really want to get my teeth whitened. I was so excited to test out this kit and although it was gifted to me all thoughts and opinions are my own!

INSTAwhite LED Teeth Whitening Kit

INSTAwhite has a range of different products and kits including clip-on veneers. The LED Teeth Whitening Kit cost £45.00 and comes with an LED light, mouth tray, three gels, shade chart and instructions. It's vegan-friendly, doesn't damage the enamel of the teeth and can whiten your teeth up to eight shades. I've checked out the ingredients list and it's filled with lots of very natural ingredients, no scary sounding chemicals to be found which is great considering this gel is going to be in your mouth.

INSTAwhite LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Okay, so I'll start by saying the package arrived in the mail super fast, obviously, I didn't actually order it as it was gifted to me but it still arrived in just one day which is very impressive. Everything comes neatly packaged in a small box and the product is very easy to use. You get three gels in the kit which provides you with six applications, all you need to do is apply 1/4 of the syringe along the top and bottom wall of the mouth tray, attach the tray to the light and pop it in your mouth for ten minutes, the light even switches itself off after your ten minutes are up.

Selfie with INSTAwhite Products

I've been using the kit for the last 5 days and I've got one more application left but I can already see results, my teeth are definitely looking whiter. My teeth previously have been quite discoloured especially my two top front teeth which have both had root treatment and are a few shades darker than the rest of my teeth, I've always been quite self-conscious about my smile as my teeth are also a bit crooked but this whitening kit has given me more confidence. It's also worth noting that unlike a lot of other home whitening kits this doesn't leave your teeth feeling sensitive. I'm really happy with the results and the best part is you can pick up a refill pack for £18.00 for whenever you need a top-up. The results may not be quite as intense as professional teeth whitening but it's far less expensive, quick, easy to use and still gives great results!

Before and After Pictures Using INSTAwhite LED Kit

Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush Review

Okay so it's only February but I'm over this cold miserable weather and looking towards the spring. When I think of spring make-up I think of everything looking very soft and fresh so I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush. The claims state it provides you with a fresh and rosy luminous buildable finish on the cheeks and rosy juicy bitten lips, which all sounds wonderful so today I'm reviewing this blush to see if it lives up to its claims.

I believe this blush comes in two shades, Raspberry and Blush Apricot (I have Raspberry), it costs £8.99 and comes in very cute, bright packaging. So initially when I tried a little of this out on the back of my hand it looked very pigmented and intense which was intimidating but when I blended it out it disappeared to almost nothing which had me feeling a little worried that it wouldn't show up on the face. The tube comes with a fine tip which makes it easier to get one small drop at a time which makes application easier and stops you from wasting product. I've been using this blush consistently now for the last two weeks and I'm really enjoying the results it gives, you take one drop for each cheek and gently blend and you are left with very subtle and natural looking colour that gives some life to the face. I've tried it with a couple of different foundations and it doesn't seem to disrupt any of the products you apply underneath which is great just make sure you don't set the face with powder until after you've applied your blush as it is a very thin liquidy consistency which won't look as good applied over the top of powder products.

I also really like this for the lips, it gives a light wash of colour that still looks like your own lips but better. This is a lovely versatile product that you can use for different things and in different ways which I love but I would say this is geared towards those that prefer natural make-up looks and lighter coverage even though you can layer the blush and build up coverage for a more intense look I think it's prettier when you use it for that subtle hint of colour.

So overall, I'm really loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush and would recommend it to anyone that's interested in just enhancing their skin and adding some life and colour to the face in a beautifully natural way!

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Hairburst Chewable Vitamins Review

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins Review

HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins

Today as you probably guessed from the title I'm reviewing the Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins from Holland and Barrett which claim to help promote healthy hair growth. My cousin actually started taking these as she struggled with hair growth after giving birth to her daughters and she noticed a difference and recommended them to me. The bottle comes with 60 strawberry and blackcurrant chewable vitamins which are one month's supply as you take two per day. One bottle costs £19.99 but you can get yourself a good deal if you pick two bottles in the penny sale. 

The vitamins contain biotin, selenium, zinc and more. They do contain a lot of sugar which you might not like if you take your health very seriously but these are a great option for anyone who doesn't like/struggles with swallowing pills.

HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins

Okay so I'll give you a little insight, my hair a few months back was falling out, every time I washed my hair or brushed it there would be hair everywhere and I was getting really concerned, I waited and eventually it did stop happening but it was definitely a scary experience and after this I went out and purchased a bottle of the Hairburst vitamins. I'm now onto my second bottle and feel like I've been taking them for long enough to share my opinion.

After taking these vitamins for a couple of weeks I started to notice that my normally very weak, brittle nails were starting to feel stronger, at this point I could notice no difference to my hair but I figured it would take at least a month before I would be able to see any results. So fast forward one month and I still couldn't make my mind up if these vitamins were actually doing anything or not but I recently visited my hairdresser and had a big chunk of hair cut off and she actually asked me if I had suffered from some hair loss as she could see lots of new hair growing in so I can't say 100% if this happened thanks to the vitamins but I think it's definitely helped so I will be continuing to take them. I would recommend these to anyone who struggles with hair growth or who just wants healthier hair in general. I'm not saying this is a full review, it's more of a first impressions post but so far they've made enough of a good impression for me to stick with them and I'm excited to see more results in the future.

HairBurst Chewable Hair Vitamins

Keep your eyes peeled in the future for any updates on how I'm getting on with Hairburst.