5 Girl Boss Habits to Start Now

5 Girl Boss Habits To Start Now

Today we're going to be embracing our inner girl bosses, I've mentioned a few times now that I recently started up an Etsy shop and I'm really loving everything that promotes girl power! Today I'm going to be sharing five girl boss habits that will help you to take charge of your own life.

1. Listen to more podcasts/read more books - It's really important to always be educating yourself and expanding your knowledge, in life and business. I think this is particularly good advice if you're starting up your own blog or side hustle, personally, I've been able to learn a lot from other peoples experiences. I would also recommend investing in courses, there's a ton of businesswomen, bloggers and influencers who create resources to help you build your own empire.

2. Visualise - I believe that it's really important if you want to be successful to truly believe in yourself, visualise yourself achieving your goals then put in the work and make it a reality. I recently read the law of attraction and although I may not believe in everything it says I do think it helps you to change up your mindset. There are so many celebrities who use the law of attraction in some way including Oprah Winfrey and I definitely think it's worth researching further if you want to change your life in some way.

3. Make time for yourself - It's so important to take time for yourself and to practice self-care, in this day and age we are all busy and when you're working towards your goals you can sometimes get caught up in that and before you know it you can get burnt out which is no good for anyone, set aside an hour each day or a day each week to sit and watch your favourite show, have a bubble bath or read a book and just relax! 

4. Set goals - It's important to know what you want and the steps you need to take to get you there. Sit down and write out your goals you can do this weekly, monthly and yearly but be specific think about exactly what you want then break it down into small actionable steps that help you achieve your goals, I've actually created my own goal planner which you can pick up here!

5. Get a good nights sleep  - Finally, it's one we all know but often overlook, if you want to improve your lifestyle one of the best things you can do is get a good nights sleep, consistently! Decide when you want to go to sleep and wake up each day and stick to it. How do you plan to go out and crush your goals if you're still half asleep, a good nights sleep is essential.

I hope you found these ideas helpful and start developing them now to improve your life and go out there and be the best you can be!

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