6 Ways To Get A Beautiful White Smile

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

We all want to have a beautiful straight white smile, but we are not all blessed with them naturally and a lot of treatments to get them are very expensive but today I'm going to share some of my favourite tips and products to give you a beautiful smile!

1. The first thing you need to do is look after your teeth, brush twice daily and make sure you visit your dentist regularly for check-ups, I know that many people are terrified of the dentist but it's probably the most important thing you can do to care for your mouth and maintain your beautiful smile.

INSTAwhite LED Teeth Whitening Kit

2. Okay, so the next thing is teeth whitening, I recently collaborated with INSTAwhite and reviewed their LED Teeth Whitening Kit which you can read here, afterwards they sent me some refills to continue with my treatment. The refills cost £18.00 and you get 3 gels (6 applications). I love the results you get with this kit, it's vegan-friendly and natural which is amazing and it doesn't leave you with any sensitivity. After using the full kit I was really starting to see results and now that I've finished with the refills I'm feeling so much happier and more confident showing my teeth when I smile. I love that INSTAwhite offers a refill kit so you don't need to repurchase the full kit (£45) every time you need a top-up.

3. Avoid eating and drinking anything that will stain your teeth this includes tea, coffee and red wine. Also if you're a smoker this is a big one that will ruin your smile, not only will it discolour your teeth but over the years you will develop wrinkles around the mouth. I know it's difficult to give up some of these vices but even if you can cut back you'll see a big difference in your smile.

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

4.  Another thing you can try that's been huge recently is to brush your teeth with charcoal, this is a natural teeth whitener that apparently helps to improve bad breath and polish teeth. This technique is has been very popular over the last couple of years and it's relatively easy to use but can be messy.

5. Oil pulling is another technique that's taken social media by storm and apparently has a whole host of benefits which include whitening your teeth and removing toxins from the mouth and body. To do this you basically swish some kind of oil, usually coconut, in your mouth anywhere from 5-20mins before spitting the contents of your mouth into the toilet or trash, simple! 

INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit

If you are interested in trying out oil pulling and charcoal brushing you can get both in a neat little package from INSTAwhite. INSTAwhite Essential Teeth Whitening Kit (£24.99) contains 2 charcoal powder pots, 1 eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and 7 coconut mouthwash sachets. This makes the perfect addition to their LED Teeth Whitening Kit, these kits are perfect partners to give you even better results. Click here to read my full review. 

6. Finally, when you want to give that extra little boost to your smile when you go out partying or have a date night a red lipstick is your new best friend....but pick the right shade! A bright red lipstick with a blue undertone will make your teeth appear more white but stay away from those orangey undertones or you'll make your teeth appear more yellow.

So there you have it all my favourite ways to get a beautiful looking smile at home and on a budget. You can use any these tips/products alone but I find you can really get better results when you a combination of them at a time. Give them a try and I hope you love the results!

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