Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush Review

Okay so it's only February but I'm over this cold miserable weather and looking towards the spring. When I think of spring make-up I think of everything looking very soft and fresh so I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush. The claims state it provides you with a fresh and rosy luminous buildable finish on the cheeks and rosy juicy bitten lips, which all sounds wonderful so today I'm reviewing this blush to see if it lives up to its claims.

I believe this blush comes in two shades, Raspberry and Blush Apricot (I have Raspberry), it costs £8.99 and comes in very cute, bright packaging. So initially when I tried a little of this out on the back of my hand it looked very pigmented and intense which was intimidating but when I blended it out it disappeared to almost nothing which had me feeling a little worried that it wouldn't show up on the face. The tube comes with a fine tip which makes it easier to get one small drop at a time which makes application easier and stops you from wasting product. I've been using this blush consistently now for the last two weeks and I'm really enjoying the results it gives, you take one drop for each cheek and gently blend and you are left with very subtle and natural looking colour that gives some life to the face. I've tried it with a couple of different foundations and it doesn't seem to disrupt any of the products you apply underneath which is great just make sure you don't set the face with powder until after you've applied your blush as it is a very thin liquidy consistency which won't look as good applied over the top of powder products.

I also really like this for the lips, it gives a light wash of colour that still looks like your own lips but better. This is a lovely versatile product that you can use for different things and in different ways which I love but I would say this is geared towards those that prefer natural make-up looks and lighter coverage even though you can layer the blush and build up coverage for a more intense look I think it's prettier when you use it for that subtle hint of colour.

So overall, I'm really loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix Sorbet Blush and would recommend it to anyone that's interested in just enhancing their skin and adding some life and colour to the face in a beautifully natural way!

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